Smash Your Fitness Goals With The 11 Best Workouts in Wellington

By Josie McCrickard
20th Sep 2019

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When it comes to working out, lucky Wellingtonians have it good—there are so many options to get the body moving in the capital. Whether you are looking for some pals to go running with, a sweat inducing HIIT workout or a good regular yoga practise, New Zealand's ‘coolest little capital’ has you covered. Here are 11 ideas for awesome workouts in Wellington.


Made famous by Gwyneth Paltrow and Madonna and not to be confused with Yoga, Pilates is a workout all about getting toned up and tuned in. Often aided by props, Pilates directly targets deep muscle groups for a toning workout that is less intensive than traditional gym movement but no less effective. Looking for that celebrity toned look? Pilates has you covered. Find great classes at Thrive Pilates or The Pilates Studio.


Get on your bike with a spinning class—the ultimate sweat inducing, full cardio, low-impact workout that's suitable for everyone and anyone. Wellington has loads of spinning classes to take part in and some of them are only 30 minutes, so you can be in and out faster than you can say “I hate cardio”. Try your local gym to find out what their timetable is or check out Les Mills Extreme for their new fully immersive cycling experience, The Trip.

Hit The Gym

It may seem obvious, but if you are looking for a regular workout routine in Wellington then hit the gym! There are lots of great gyms to choose from so there is bound to be one in the local area that fits your needs. City Fitness in Lyall Bay, Thorndon and The Hutt have some great value joining fees, try Les Mills for their awesome fitness classes or go boutique with a Habit or Synergy membership.


If you're looking for an almightily intense workout then why not hit up the insta-favourite workout with some F45 Training? “What the f is F45?” we hear you cry! Well the F stands for functional and the 45 is for 45 minutes. The 45 minute group sessions offer a mix of circuit and HIIT workouts geared around everyday movement for a super effective full-body workout. Find F45 on Courtney Place, Lyall Bay or at the new studio in North Wellington.


CrossFit is a strength and conditioning workout that is based around constantly varied, high-intensity and functional movement. The point is to train hard and fast in a group with a range of activities from weightlifting to plyometric to body weight exercises and aerobics and running. It’s not for the faint hearted but if you’re looking to smash your weight loss, performance, and fitness goals then CrossFit says that any goal can be accomplished for any level. Give it a go at one of the many CrossFit gyms across Wellington such as: CrossFit Central, Toa CrossFit, Instinct Fitness or UrbanFitness.


Looking for a more low key form of exercise that is good for your body and your soul then look no further than yoga. This ancient Indian practice is now a full blown obsession and you can’t really go anywhere in Wellington without coming across a handy yoga studio within which to practise. Sign up for some hot yoga classes at Hot Yoga Wellington for a more intense sweat-busting workout or try a chilled out session of yin yoga at Space Yoga for some introspective connection with your body. There are so many studios in Wellington to choose from so pick the one that works for you.


Get your demi-plies at the ready for a ballet based workout with a Barre class. Barre came on the scene a couple of years back and is a graceful but no less effective workout class focused on movements derived from ballet. Barre classes like those at Up Fitness or Ballet Body focus on small pulsing movements and isometrics to target those hard to reach sets of muscles. We all know how incredibly fit ballet dancers are, so it’s a workout that will definitely show some impressive results.

TRX Training

Looking to build strength with low impact body weight training? A TRX (Total Body Resistance Exercise) class could be just the thing. TRX utilizes equipment developed by a former US Navy Seal to combine body weight and gravity to perform a variety of exercises to develop strength and balance. People like this for its deep core workout and associations with yoga and pilates. Try TRX classes at Empower or with TeamFit.


Boxing is one of the oldest sports around and is just perfect for letting out some aggression during a workout. With lots of different styles including Thai kickboxing, box fit and mixed martial arts there's a combat style workout to suit every level of interest and fitness in the city. Try 9 Round for their 30 minute box workouts, Jai Thai for authentic Thai kickboxing training or Wellington Boxing Gym for box fit and skills classes.

Boot camp

Looking for an affordable way to get yourself into gear, military style? Do you like working out in a group? If so then a boot camp style workout is likely to float your boat. Head to the local park and try HIIT style training that is focused on building strength, endurance and agility. This is a great lunch time workout for office workers as it forces you to get outside and try something new, plus you can sign up with your colleagues to give you that extra push not to miss a session.

Join A Running Club

If you like running but you don’t like working out on your own then a running club could be the perfect way to get out there and do it. Running groups usually cater for a number of different abilities depending on your level and there are all sorts of groups going in Welly so find the one that is right for you. Try the Wellington Running Meetup Group or the Wellington Marathon Clinic to get you started.

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