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Where To Buy Art Supplies In Auckland

By Dasha Koryagina
3rd Jul 2018

Where To Buy Art Supplies In Auckland

Us Kiwis are one creative nation! Separated from the rest of the world by vast amounts of water gives us a unique perspective on things… not to mention our stunning surroundings are an endless pool of inspiration! What better way to explore these factors than art? Art is a great way to express yourself, explore your emotions and destress.

Looking to get creative? Well, the artistic process begins with materials. And guess what? We know all the best places to stock up on art supplies in Auckland! Whether you’re an amateur or a professional, looking for top brands or cheaper products to experiment with, these art-oriented stores have something for you.

Gordon Harris The Art And Graphic Store

Newmarket, Grafton, Ponsonby, and Albany

With forty years in the business, Gordon Harris are a household name in the Auckland art community. Stocking everything from paper and stationery to specialty paints, modelling materials, airbrushes and everything in between, Gordon Harris has all the goods to assist and inspire your creativity. Products range from lower cost China-sourced items to top international brands and the knowledgeable staff are always happy to answer any queries and assist with choices.

Geoff’s Emporium

Mt Eden

Geoff’s Emporium is another industry top dog with thirty years’ experience providing Aucklanders with every art and craft item known to mankind. Stocking all the basics like sketchpads, pencils and paints, it also stocks specialty items such as paints and finishes. Basically, this is your one-stop-shop to complete any project and bring your vision to life. Bursting with colour, it will have you wandering round for hours, envisioning all the beautiful things you could make!

Ike’s Emporium

Browns Bay and Devonport

Located on The Shore, the two Ike’s stores are brother shops to Mt Eden’s Geoff’s Emporium, stocking the same phenomenal selection of artistic supplies as their sibling. Think everything from sketching supplies, to painting, sculpting, printmaking and more!

Takapuna Art Supplies


Whatever your medium of choice, you’ll find it at Takapuna Art Supplies. Drawing and sketching, modelling and sculpting, painting, printmaking and calligraphy… you’ll find supplies for all these and much more! With a working artist’s studio on the premises, the staff at Takapuna Art Supplies can demonstrate techniques and share tips on the use of various mediums. This place is all about supplying the materials, expanding the artistic community and encouraging artistic self-expression.

Studio Art Supplies

Grey Lynn

Arrive at Studio Art Supplies and there’s no doubt you’re in the right place. Graffiti covered on the outside, full of goodies on the inside—this is a store created by artists, for artists. Shop easels, canvas’, all sorts of paints and inks, screen printing materials and a whole lot more. The best bit, though? Not only is Studio the go-to for supplies, but for expert advice, too! That’s right, every staff member at Studio is an artist themselves and can answer any questions you may have—from choosing the right equipment and mediums to the intricacies of colour mixing and anything else you may need to know.

David’s Emporium


Operating primarily as a fancy dress shop, Manukau’s David’s Emporium also stocks a neat selection of art and craft supplies. Get lost among colourful rows of markers, pencils and paints, get inspired, envision your project and stock up on supplies to make your vision a reality. Selling everything you may need for scrapbooking, painting, sketching, fabric painting, beading and spray painting, David’s is perfect for art enthusiasts as well as those looking to entertain children by experimenting with craft items.


Albany, Henderson, Manukau and Mt Wellington

With four stores across Auckland, Spotlight are absolute pros in supplying the city’s art and craft enthusiasts with all the essentials. Whether you’re a beginner or professional, Spotlight has the right supplies for you. We’re talking scrapbooking, drawing and painting, sculpting, calligraphy tools, inks and pens, chalks and pencils, glitter, ribbons, beads and all the paints you can think of. And, with a good selection of how-to books, you can learn exactly how to use these goods to achieve your vision.


Auckland CBD

Living the lifestyle of a broke artist? No worries, Daiso has got your back. For a super low price of $3.50 per item or 3 items for $10 dollars, Daiso supplies the most adorable, kawaii art supplies in Auckland. But the low price doesn’t mean compromise on quality! Shop mega cute sketchpads, watercolour palettes, canvas’, craft scissors, brushes, colour clay, chisels and much, much more! Super cheap and super cute, win-win!

Warehouse Stationery

Various Locations

Ah, the good ol’ Warehouse Stationery—providing Aucklanders with stationery and art supplies since ages ago. With 19 stores across Auckland, there’s one near you. With a delightful selection of products, your imagination will be stirred! Shop adult colouring books, pads and paper, panels and canvas, paints, brushes, varnishes, mediums and more.

The Warehouse

Various locations

Another big name on the list, The Warehouse. As you probably know, this is the perfect place for those of your looking for a bargain. Whether you’re a little short on dollars or are starting out and simply looking to experiment with a range of things, this place is the answer. In the arts and crafts aisle, you’ll find all the basics like canvas’, paints and brushes.

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