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Where To Find Auckland’s Best Views

By Olivia Atkinson
23rd Feb 2018

Where To Find Auckland’s Best Views

Err’body loves a view. Be it a dreamy ocean vista, sparkly city skyline or mind-boggling panoramas from a cocktail bar, there’s nothing nicer that looking over yonder and realising how mighty fine our dear old city is. 

We’re as suckers for a good view as much as you so we’ve hunted down the very best views in Auckland. Pack a picnic (or jump in a taxi because cocktails are a’comin’) and get ready to witness the best that Auckland has to offer. Oh, and don’t forget a camera. 

The Parasol & Swing Company 

Auckland’s Viaduct is humming with excellent bars but as far as views go, The Parasol & Swing Company is a winner. This two-story bar is the proud owner of a sun-drenched rooftop, offering insane views of the harbour, boats and glistening water, not to mention a killer cocktail list. Award-winning cocktail genius Jason Rosen is the man behind the delicious bespoke concoctions, some of which come in bottles to be shared amongst mates. Grab yourself a bevvie and pull up a chair because this bar is definitely home to one of the best views in Auckland. 

Mount Victoria 

If your idea of views = sunset + sunset, then it’s time to get acquainted with Devonport’s Mount Victoria. Drag your booty or drive up to the top and prepare yourself for some truly spectacular views. Auckland and the sparkly harbour will be there in all their picturesque glory for you to marvel at. Pro tip: take the ferry from Devonport to the CBD and you’ll get views for daaaays. 

The Sky Tower 

Ah, the Sky Tower, you never disappoint on the view front. Dine at one of the restaurants where you’ll be served food as perfect as the view or head to the Observation Deck and stand on the glass floors (go on, we dare you). If you’re keen to bring your inner adrenaline junkie to the table, get amongst the SkyJump or Sky Walk, allowing you to base jump (with a safety wire, obvs) from 193m or walk around the Sky Tower’s pergola. 

Rangitoto Island 

Your buns may be burning by the time you get to the top but trust us, the views will make up for the pain (anyway, no pain, no gain, right?). Rangitoto Island dishes up some seriously stellar views looking back of Auckland and it’s pretty harbour. It’s the perfect half day trip and is something every Auckland needs to see and do at least once. 

Auckland Harbour Bridge 

Let’s be real, this kinda viewpoint won’t be for everyone. You may love a good view but heights, on the other hand, are somewhat vom-inducing. In that case, give this one a miss. For you thrill-seeking crazy cats, however, a Harbour Bridge walk is an exciting bundle of adrenaline (wind in your hair, cars rushing below get the day), panoramic views and once-in-a-lifetime selfie opportunities.

Stokes Point Reserve 

Hold onto your hats, folks. Stokes Point Reserve may offer epic views of Auckland City and harbour but it can get hella windy. It’s located directly under the bridge (the Northcote side) and is where clever photographers capture those twinkly Auckland night photos. One of the best views in Auckland? Yep.

Cable Bay Vineyard  

Wine? Tick. Amazing food? Tick. One of the best views in Auckland? Hells yeah. Cable Bay Vineyard is the kind of place we wouldn’t mind spending a sunny afternoon at, a glass of vino in hand, a forkful of mouth-watering food in the other, all while looking out at the gorgeous harbour. The lawn is where it’s at and the restaurant boats floor-to-ceiling windows so you can take in all the scenic goodness. It’s also a prime spot to say ‘I do’...with a view.

Cyril Bassett VC Lookout 

A lot of Auckland view-lovers will be wanting to keep this one secret...whoops. Cyril Bassett VC Lookout near Stanley Bay is all sorts of stunning. It allows you to take in full-blown views of the city and doesn’t attract the crowds that, say, our beloved Mount Eden does. Get there and you’ll be wishing you found this epic Auckland view sooner. 

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Image Credit: Chris McLennan

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