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Where To Find Lupins In New Zealand

By Nina Franklin
21st Feb 2018

Where To Find Lupins In New Zealand

Have you ever found yourself driving down the road when suddenly your eyes are met with bursts of pinks, purples, blues and yellows sprouting up alongside the road? Chances are you're lookin' at lupins.

As beautiful as they may be, believe it or not, lupins are actually classed as weeds—commonly found growing alongside riverbeds and lakesides in the southern areas of New Zealand. These stunning flowers are immensely popular among horticulture lovers but only grow at certain times of the year—between September and February, making them a hot commodity.

We've done some research and found the areas they grow the most. So, grab your gardening gloves and get a pickin' coz these florals are bloomin' beautiful and worth the hunt for and if not just for your kitchen table it for the ‘gram.


Located in the stunning Southern Alps of New Zealand, Wanaka is a popular tourist destination for people travelling to get a taste of New Zealand's clean, green picturesque landscape. Wanaka's lakes and mountains are like something painted onto a canvas and here is where you will find lupins’ sprouting up in reds, purples, pinks, yellows and blues alongside the river's edge.

Lake Tekapo

Lake Tekapo is located in the South Island of New Zealand between Christchurch and the Southern Lakes District. This small alpine town is surrounded by rolling mountains, with the lake its centrepiece. Lake Tekapo is known for its crisp, fresh air and stunning landscapes, thanks to the stunning lupins that grow around the lake's edge and over the hills. It truly is a breath-taking scene.

Ahuriri River

The Ahuriri River is located in the central Otago region of New Zealand, the nearest town being Omarama. The river flows for 70 kilometres through the Mackenzie Basin and is another spot where you will find lupins’ sprouting in the summer months alongside the river banks.

Crown Range Road

The Crown Range Road lays between Wanaka and Queenstown and is the highest —and one of the most memorable—roads in New Zealand due to its stunning scenery. Here you will find lots of yellow lupins growing roadside in the warmer months.

Burkes Pass

Burkes Pass is a tiny, historic village located at the foot pass of leading into the Mackenzie region.  This very small town is home to historic landmarks like St Patrick’s Church, built in 1872 by the first European settlers to land in the Mackenzie Region and also The Musterer's Hut. This is also another place in New Zealand where you will find lupins growing, adding to the natural beauty of this town.


Twizel is the largest town in the Mackenzie Region, with a small population of 1,200 people. Fishing is a common sport among locals and tourists with salmon and rainbow trout gracing the waters of the lakes and rivers that run through it. Lupins grow vastly along the river and lakesides here, making this another stunning spot for lupin hunting.

Lake Alexandrina

This stunning high country lake is another example of the beauty that lays in the southern region of New Zealand. This is our final pick for the best places to find lupins growing. This hidden gem is not common knowledge, so if you happen upon this spot, make sure you have your camera ready.


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