Where To Find The Best British Food In Auckland

By Martha Brooke
21st Sep 2016

where to find the best british food in auckland

18323 kilometres is a long way from the not-so-sunny skies of England. There are so many Brits crossing the (rather large) pond and who can blame them really? New Zealand is pretty kick ass. However, if you find yourself missing those English staples and have forgotten what a proper fish finger sandwich tastes like, then look no further. 

We here at The Urban List have rounded up the best places to get your home-comforts and British fixes. Pack your bag and take a trip down memory lane…

Fort Greene: The Fish One

St Kevins Arcade

A favourite with kids and adults alike, you can nab Fort Greene’s version, consisting of homemade fish fingers, mushy peas and tartare sauce all sandwiched between two slices of chunky sourdough, at their St Kevin’s Arcade store.

Fish Fish: Chip Butty

Ponsonby Central 

Chunky chips and buttered white bread are a match made in heaven from Fish Fish. Pass the ketchup squire!

The Fridge: Beef and Guiness Pie


Made daily at The Fridge, these flaky-pastry babies will have you queuing round the block.

Galbraiths Ale House: Scotch Egg

Eden Terrace 

With a free range egg encased in house-made pork sausage with a crispy coating, sat on a bed of piccalili; could this starter from Galbraiths Ale House be any more British!?

Queenies: Boiled Eggs

Freemans Bay

Blast from the past, enjoyed in the present by old and new, boiled eggs and soldiers are a classic not-to-be-missed, especially not at Queenie’s, where you can choose either Marmite or Vegemite!

Fred’s: Franks ’n’ Beans


Not quite your typical tin of baked beans on toast, Fred’s have vamped up a fave and given it that va va voom! Served with pork and fennel sausages, their homemade boston beans will have you pushing that tin of Heinz to the back of the cupboard.

The Grill: Sunday Roast

Sky Tower

Now now, we know that we all love a roast whether it’s beef, pork or chicken, but maybe it’s time to put the pinny down and head over to The Grill for an upmarket twist on a nations favourite.

Odettes: Red Rice Pudding

City Works Depot

Okay, so we might be used to having rice pudding for dessert, but you can’t go past Odette’s spin on the sticky stuff. Served with coconut, pomegranate, cherry and apple crumble you won’t mind swapping pudding for brekkie!

Mekong Baby: Trifle


Imagine your grandma’s trifle with an Asian twist. Now add passionfruit, vanilla bean and a splash of Thai whiskey and you’ve got Mekong Baby’s mouth-watering dessert which is certainly not to be shared!

Vikki Lane: Bacon Butty


There’s no point in messing with a classic. Simply stuffed with the good stuff and smothered with your choice of HP Sauce, ketchup or aioli, you can never go wrong with a bacon butty, which Vikki Lane does so well!

Grill and Shakes: Sticky Toffee Pudding


Sticky, gooey and oh so moorish, Grill and Shakes do it again. Served warm with vanilla ice cream, our bellies are rumbling at the thought…

Libby’s Pork Crack: Pork Crackling

Libby's Own Website

This crunchy, salty and time-honoured bar snack is a British icon. Libby's Pork Crack use only free range pork, you can cop these salty snacks in au naturel, moroccan and hot and spicy. We are obsessed.

Black Sugar: Bubble & Squeak

Mission Bay

This historical dish, which is renowned for utilising leftovers in order to feed the family for longer, has been around for centuries. Black Sugar have revamped this authentic dish and added refried mash, cabbage, peas, poached egg, bacon and hollandaise!

Little and Friday: Sausage Rolls

Various Locations

Desperately decadent and flakey, you won’t be able to finish without covering yourself in crumbs at Little and Friday.

The Pie Piper: Apple Pie

Various Food Markets

Not just your bog-standard apple pie, this pie is made with salted caramel too! Anything with salted caramel is a fave of ours and so by jazzing up a family favourite The Pie Piper is a real winner for us.

The Clare Inn: Beef Wellington

Mount Eden

A proper, hearty meal that is a dinner party show-stopper and a complete crowd pleaser, beef Wellington is the one. Combined with stout to live up to it’s hearty nature, The Clare Inn have nailed their version!

Shamrock Cottage: Ploughman’s Lunch


Completely authentic and homely, take a trip to Howick to feast on Shamrock Cottage's ploughman’s lunch. Complete with ham off the bone, fresh crusty bread, cheese, coleslaw, pickled onions, green salad and relish, you will be in for a treat!

Stamford Plaza: High Tea


If you’re feeling a little prim and proper, why not head on over to Stamford Plaza in Auckland’s CBD? Complete with savoury and sweet delicacies, you will feel every bit luxurious and sophisticated with their high tea. 

Antoinette’s: Scones


If you’re still on your high tea high and feel like you can never have too many scones, then look no further. Antoinette’s in Howick have a tea selection like none other and scones to match. Paired perfectly with cream and jam, you will certainly feel nostalgic and sentimental.

The Ancient Marnier: Fish and Chips

Mount Eden

So after a long and hard struggle with the Kiwi culture of ‘fush and chups’, I have learnt to accept that proper chippy chips do not exist. Wave goodbye to homemade chips and say hello to pre-bought, frozen fries. However, there is a beacon of light! The Ancient Marniner have got our backs, as they make home-made fries and home-made mushy peas! Rejoice!

Trinity Of Silver: Big Breakfast

Mount Albert

We all know how good it feels to wallow in a proper, greasy fix in the morning and it can sometimes seem like Aucklanders are a bit too on the health conscious side of things! However, Trinity Of Silver have managed to construct a big old pile of grub fit for us Brits and our love of the fry up! With the usual suspects of bacon, sausages, hash browns, eggs, toast, black pudding and mushrooms you will be rolling out of the restaurant!

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Photo credit: Fish Fish via Facebook 

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