Prepare To Have Your Mind Blown, Whittaker’s And Garage Project Have Just Dropped A Chocolate Beer

By Kathryn Steane
10th Nov 2020

Chocolate beers poured into glasses from Whittaker's and Garage Project.

Something delicious has been brewing between Whittaker's and Garage Project and yip, you guessed it—it's choccy-flavoured beer.

The duo joined forces back in 2018 on a similar bevvie that was later named one of the top three stouts in the world—and are hoping to bring some of that same collab magic to two new limited-edition drinks that beer and chocolate fans alike are sure to love.

We're certainly keen to get stuck into a can of their White Chocolate Beer with Golden Raspberry and Lemon—a creamy white chocolate milk stout brewed with locally-sourced barley and oats then infused with Whittaker's cocoa beans, vanilla, golden raspberry and Gisborne lemon.

Or perhaps some of the pair's Dark Chocolate Beer with Espresso, Hazelnut and Orange—a beautifully bitter dark chocolate stout brewed with Canterbury malts, oats and roasted barley then infused with Whittaker's best Ghanaian cocoa beans, a hint of espresso coffee, hazelnut and Seville orange.

So go on, join with us and crack open a cold one, but make it chocolatey.

The Details

What: Whittaker's x Garage Project chocolate beers
Where: All New World supermarkets, selected Countdown supermakets and other retailers, all Garage Project venues, and Garage Project online
When: For a limited time only

Image credit: Whittaker's

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