Why Candy Floss Is The Best Thing Ever & Where You Can Find It

By Natasha Van Der Laan
17th Mar 2016

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Move over, kale. There’s a new food trend on the rise and we could not be any. more. excited. Candy floss is #trending! 

No longer reserved for school galas and theme parks, the sugary delight is quickly taking over the food scene. And, if you thought all candy floss was pink and served on a stick, think again. You can now expect to see cotton candy served with your breakfast, lunch and dinner—not that we’re complaining or anything. 

Luckily for us, Auckland has jumped on the candy floss bandwagon and some of the city’s finest eateries are serving up the fluffy treat. Here’s where you can get your cotton candy fix in Auckland. 

Foxtrot Parlour


Leading the candy floss pack is Ponsonby’s Foxtrot Parlour. Their signature pancake is stacked high with roasted peanuts, vanilla bean ice cream, salted caramel popcorn chunks and—you guessed it—CANDY FLOSS! It also comes with a side of coconut-infused sauce. We literally could not think of a more delicious combination of flavours. Well played, Foxtrot Parlour. 


Auckland CBD

Turns out cotton candy is a traditional Persian treat—who would have thought?! Middle Eastern restaurant Beirut serves “pashmak” (translation: wool-like) floss in a glorious fashion. The dessert has three components: saffron-flavoured floss, thick clotted cream and apricot tea. It’s the best threesome you’ll ever have. 

Little Sister Café


There’s no better reason to head out west than for Little Sister Café’s ricotta hotcakes. These bad boys are taking over our Instagram feeds—and for good reason too! The hotcakes are served with vanilla-poached fruit, mascarpone and pink candy floss—or fairy floss as they call it. You can opt to add bacon to this breakfast dish, which, in our opinion, sounds like a very good idea.

The Dairy


Also coming to the cotton candy party is The Dairy in Ponsonby. Here you’ll find not one but TWO fluffy offerings. Feeling thirsty? Opt for for an ice cream soda topped with cotton candy. Feeling hungry? Grab a cookie sandwich filled with your choice of Kapiti ice cream and candy floss. Feeling yolo? Order both a soda AND a cookie sandwich. Go on, you deserve it. 

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Image credit: Gyspy Kid

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