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Why We’re Obsessing Over The Tiny House Trend

By Grace Noles
20th Feb 2018

Why We’re Obsessing Over The Tiny House Trend

Let’s face it: the probability of any of us owning a large lavish home in the ‘burbs of Auckland is slim, very slim indeed. However, as we adapt to our teeny shared flats and just-big-enough-for-a-double-bedrooms, living in cramped quarters is becoming bearable. Dare we say almost enjoyable, it’s cosy. 

Which would explain exactly why we Love (with a capital L) the latest trend of tiny houses taking Instagram and Pinterest, even Facebook (a tough platform to crack) by storm! 

If you’re thinking what the hell is a tiny house, then we don’t know what to tell you other than it’s a small self-contained house! While there’s no official measurement of what constitutes one, it can be anywhere between 30 and 100 squared metres. With all the components of a normal house — bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, lounge, front porch, and storage—all in a fraction of the space and at a fraction of the price. Plus, many of them are mobile and can be easily moved for on-the-go adventurers.

On average, owners of tiny homes have significantly lower mortages and significantly higher savings than ordinary home owners. Economically, these bad boys are ideal in a housing market as shocking as Auckland’s—cheaper to buy and maintain is a tick in our books. 

So why are these small, small houses grabbing our attention? Well for starters, they’re so darn cute. Wood panelling, lit up in lanterns, comfy throws, stair cases that double as bookcases—it’s an aesthetic dream you can live in. 


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But the one thing we love the most? Less house = less mess. No more vacuuming every nook and cranny for hours, you’ve only got one bed to make, the kitchen is so small it’s virtually impossible to make it messy. A true lazy person’s dream. We definitely think we can get on board with this whole minimalist business if it’s coming in such a cute and convinient package! 

So how do you go about securing an Auckland tiny home for yourself? 

Well plenty of people are already onboard the tiny house train, with heaps of building companies like Love Shack jumping on board with tiny home constructions. You can design your dream home fun sized,  along with securing bragging rights that you are now a home owner in Auckland. Get to it, we say!

Image Credit: Love Shack

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