Why You Should Be Eating Chocolate Cake For Breakfast

By Aakansha Chaudhary
28th Sep 2016

Why You Should Be Eating Chocolate Cake For Breakfast

We love chocolate and we love cake. We also happen to love breakfast. Put them all together and we reckon you’ve pretty much created our idea of heaven. But, we must be dreaming, right? Well, pinch yourself because it turns out that heaven is actually here.

Let us explain.

It’s sad but true that many of us carry the belief that chocolate is the devil. One of those occasional splurge treats we must resist in order to avoid putting on weight or having our skin covered with oozing acne. Gross.  

Somehow, this sinful fawn-colored treat has become only acceptable to devour to relieve heartbreak or to indulge in on that rare occasion to celebrate something. But even then, that guilty feeling haunts us for days on end until we have burned off each one of those calories on the treadmill.

But what if we told you that all our lives we’ve been fed a myth? A lie? A giant mistake?

It turns out that these myths can be put to rest as studies conducted by Tel Aviv University have revealed that eating chocolate for breakfast can improve brain performance and help lose that excess weight. Errr, what?

Yep, that tantalizing, rich, gooey treat we crave at the most unfortunate times now correlates positively with improving memory and developing our abstract thinking.

Dr Daniela Jakubowicz, the best selling author of The Big Breakfast Diet believes breakfast time is when your body converts food into energy.  “Later in the day, when you eat, your body and brain are still in high-alert mode, saving the energy from food as fat reserve,” she says. “This is how you gain weight even when eating less.”

Still on the fence? Experts have revealed that it is a nutrient called flavonoid, which is what makes chocolate so beneficial. Flavonoids are found in cocoa solids and they are proven to lower blood pressure and cholesterol, improve glucose metabolism as well as improve your brain function.

We ought to rejoice, as she believes that chocolate shouldn’t be eaten any later than nine in the morning. So what can we conclude? Nothing other than dessert for breakfast, of course! So that bittersweet relationship we have with chocolate can now be JUST as sweet as long as you remember the next time you are reaching for that chocolate to stop and sleep on it! Devour it in the morning; your brain and waistline will thank you for it.

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