Get Those Kinks Worked Out At This New Wellness-Based Chiropractic Clinic In Ponsonby

By Caitlin Veale
9th Nov 2020

Had a chance to think about those niggles during lockdown? Maybe you were doing yoga and now you’ve returned to feeling like you have a back that’s a decade ahead of your age. If there’s one thing to be learned, it’s that taking a little time for yourself might feel stressful but you’re on the road to better things. Apply that principle to your health and you’ll find yourself at WYLD Chiropractic

Don’t worry if you don’t know the jargon or what your specific issue is, you’ll be skilfully assessed and will come away with a map of sorts to help you understand what’s going on with that bod of yours. In a thorough approach to delivering effective treatment, you might have a massage gun used on you to free you up for adjustment or some in-house massage sessions. 

Chiropractic care can target a range of issues—or better yet head in before you have any significant ones to reach and maintain optimal wellness. Feeling good and free in your body is invaluable, we all know what a hassle a sore spot can be. After your consultation, visits for treatment are great for the time poor, taking a short and snappy fifteen minutes. Speaking of snappy, no need to be anxious about treatment as the team are friendly, energetic and good at what they do!

Executed while quarantining in NZ, WYLD Chiropractic's excitingly accessible approach is lovingly headed up by wife and husband duo, Nina and Tom. Branching beyond chiropractic care into massage, naturopathy and sport therapy, this really is destination wellness. Not to mention hosting talks on different areas of health, an office ergonomics course, a workplace wellness programme and access to a member’s portal. You can also shop handy supplies like magnesium, medicine balls and foam rollers here. Bonus. 

That meme of J-Lo at fifty vs twenty-somethings bent over with back pain is sadly no joke, and you can imagine the prolonged effect of our heavily digital lives that see us sitting and looking down way too much. Put new meaning into treating yo’self, and get that body into tip top knick with a treatment at WYLD Chiropractic.  

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Image credit: Tom Brown

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