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Your Instagram Pics We Loved This Week

By Krysia Drecki
16th Oct 2016

Your Instagram Pics We Loved This Week

This week, we thought we’d focus on one of the hardest Insta shots to master as a foodie, the flat-lay. Holding back from digging in, standing up on your seat, re-organising your food until the placement is just right, all to find that your food has gone cold by the time you dig in. The struggle is real. But getting the perfect shot pays off when you get to brag about the ultimate meal, and create major food envy from your followers. We’ve found five of our fans that have mastered the art of the flat lay. 


A flat lay is even more fantastic when you manage to thrown in some hand action. Creating a more real life ‘about to dig in’ feel. Great choice of location, might we add. Nice work @viv_li


If only every day looked like this. Take me �� to the weekend

A photo posted by j a m i e b a r r e t t (@jambarrett) on

What a spread of all sorts of seafood from @jambarrett



What's not to love about @majorsprout green dumplings and bibimbap ��

A photo posted by ��Chantal�� (@chantaltal) on

Loving this symmetrically pleasing flat lay from @chantaltal 


food was bomb �� yup all that food for 2 �� such pigs

A photo posted by Leacel Velasquez (@_leacelvelasquez) on

Funky table cloth, steaked buns and fries make for a trendy flat lay by @_leacelvelasquez 



A photo posted by Roana Bilia (@roanabilia) on

A little bit of everything in this flat lay by @roanabila. Breakfast, burgers and brocili with a side of waffles and granola! Life = complete. 

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