TV & Movies

TV & Movies
Catch A Movie In Fully Reclined Comfort At The West Side’s Luxe New Cinema

Why sit up to watch a movie when you can lie down? Luxury reclining seats are the new norm in the cinema-scape, and that’s… Read More +

What's On
Nab Your Tickets, A Friends Musical Parody Is Hitting Brisbane This Year

If you, like us, have rewatched all your favourite sitcoms from back to front during the city’s very lengthy lockdown twice over (and… Read More +

What's On
Cue The Nostalgia, A Drive-In Cinema Dedicated To Disney Is Heading For Brisbane

They’re the movies you know off by heart, but will still happily watch over and over again (no matter how old you are), and now… Read More +

Make Way For Bedroom Pop, AR Boutiques And A New Era Of Gaming

Welcome to Culture Curve—your go-to guide to what’s on the rise and slide in August 2020. If there's one thing that… Read More +

What's On
Wands At The Ready, A Drive-In Harry Potter Movie Marathon Is Happening Next Month

With crowded cinemas and sittting shoulder to shoulder with strangers not exactly one of our favourite activities right now, drive-ins are… Read More +

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