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Wands At The Ready, A Drive-In Harry Potter Movie Marathon Is Happening Next Month

By Alex Topakas
29th Jul 2020

A scene from harry potter, with ron, hermione and harry sitting on a couch

With crowded cinemas and sittting shoulder to shoulder with strangers not exactly one of our favourite activities right now, drive-ins are having a bit of a moment—even if Hollywood has been reluctant to give us anything new to watch. But if you're ready to get out of the house and have a movie marathon that won't make your couch groove even deeper, Yatala Drive-In has some magical news for you—they're putting on a Harry Potter marathon in August.  

Being that Netflix removed the entire Potter collection from their platform back in January (at the very moment we needed our comfort flick the most), it's probably been a while since you watched them all from start to finish. But whether you can mouth the dialogue along with the Harry, Ron and Hermione or not, you'll want to fill up the tank, grab your fellow HP enthusiasts and park up at Yatala Drive-In to watch them again, in four installments. 

The first two movies will be playing back to back on Saturday 22 August, followed by movies three and four on Saturday 29 August, five and six on Saturday 5 September and the final two on Saturday 12 September. As always, tickets are $35 per car, so pile in as many Potter heads as you can and don't forget to BYO snacks. We'll be there with some pumpkin pasties and a bottle of butterbeer. 

Find out more and accio your tickets here


Where: Yatala Drive-In Theatre
When: Saturday 22 and 29 August, 5 and 12 September. 
For more info, click here.

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Image credit: Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone

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