A 12 Hour Lord Of The Rings Trilogy Marathon Is Happening In Brisbane

By Ranyhyn Laine
30th Aug 2019

Lord of the Rings Marathon

One ring to rule them all… one movie marathon to see them all? Calling all hobbits, orcs, elves and dwarves, because the Palace James Street Cinemas are putting on a movie marathon deserving of giving up your entire Sunday for, pledging to show all three extended-cut versions of The Lord of the Rings movies, with a total viewing of time of 686 minutes. You’re definitely going to need snacks.

Starting from 10am on Sunday 8 September, this fellowship-worthy marathon kicks off with The Fellowship of the Ring, continues with The Two Towers and ends of course on The Return of the King, with quick breaks between each film for wrestling orcs (feeding your grumbling tum) and riding a barrel down a river (hitting the loo). Plus, it totally counts as getting out of the house, so you won’t feel so bad about having spent 12 hours of your weekend basically binge watching cinematic classics.

Tickets are $25, and you can grab them here, no perilous journey through Mordor needed.

The Details

Where: Palace James Street Cinema, Fortitude Valley
When: 10am, Sunday 8 September
Find out more here.

Want to head out for dinner after all that sitting around? Grab an Urban Feast card and you can get $25 off your bill.

Image credit: New Line Cinema

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