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You Can Now Watch A Movie While Reclining In A Double Daybed

By Ranyhyn Laine
11th Nov 2019


Watch a movie in a leather armchair? No thanks, why would we when we could be lounging back in the plush luxury of a daybed?

That’s right, Event Cinemas now offers the seating (or should that be lying?) option of comfy daybeds, where you can lay back and catch the latest blockbusters from the prime possie of a velvet-lined double bed. It’ll be as if you had a full-size movie screen in your bedroom—only you won’t be quite as concerned about spilling popcorn everywhere. 

No need to worry about your date hogging most of the bed either, as the daybeds are divided in two, and there’s no chance of heads blocking your view from their position in the very front row. We’d definitely suggest packing a blankie (those cinemas get COLD)—just try not to fall asleep. 

Not all Event Cinemas have the option available just yet, but Chermside is one of the few that do, with North Lakes, Indooroopilly, Garden City and Loganholm all also to have them by the end of the year—find out more and plan your date night here

Prefer to watch your movies outdoors? Check out the massive outdoor bed cinemas coming to a Brisbane in 2020. 

Image credit: Event Cinemas

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