10 Pastimes For Adults Who Are Sick Of Adult-ing

By Marilynn McLachlan
24th Jan 2016

Being an adult can be pretty bloody exhausting. Sure, there’s fun stuff like alcohol, coffee, and not needing to watch Shortland St to be considered cool by your friends. But then there’s the legitimately boring, soul-draining stuff like taking the bins out, paying bills, doing laundry and recognising that the silent treatment is not an acceptable break-up technique.

Therefore, it makes sense to take a break from adult-ing every once in a while to avoid getting burnt out. You know what they say—everything in moderation, including maturity. We’ve rounded up the best activities in Auckland to help you rediscover the child within and temporarily forget about your tax returns, car trouble and health insurance.

Trampolining At Uptown Bounce

Grey Lynn

Trampolines, basketball hoops, dodge ball, jelly pits, bounce walls and vaults—if this doesn’t make you feel like a kid again, what will?  

Monkey Around At Tree Adventures


If climbing trees was your thing when you were young and nimble, head to Tree Adventures and surf some trees. There’s bridges, nets, swings and zip-lining for those who want to embrace their inner Tarzan.

Mini Golf In The Dark


As much as we love a good game of mini golf during the day (Liliput, we’re talking to you), grab some mates and head to Gloputt for a game of glow-in-the-dark minigolf. With buildings, foliage, pathways and fairways, you can pick up your putter and make like Tiger Woods.

Bowling At Metrolanes

Auckland City

Take your striking goals to a whole new level at Metrolanes in the heart of the CBD. With 12 full sized ten pin bowling lanes, you and your mates will have a ball (pun intended).

Auckland Zoo

Western Springs

There’s nothing quite like animals to reconnect you to your younger innocent self—remember when Bambi wasn’t for dinner, elephants could fly, and that stork delivered your brother to your house one morning. If you haven’t been to the Auckland Zoo for a while, it’s time to go back. While you’re probs not allowed to climb the dragon anymore, chances are you’re still as fascinated by the hippos and giraffes as you were back then.

Ice Skating At Paradice

Avondale and Botany

While you never forget how to ride a bike, it turns out you can forget how to ice skate—but it’s never too late to relearn. Ice skating remains alive and well in Auckland and, if you’re super clumsy, make use of the trainer frames. You may look a bit silly, but it’s better than landing hard on your arse, surely.

Laser Tag At Megazone


Get those endorphins pumping by grabbing a group of mates for some competitive action at Laser Tag. No doubt you’ll have at least one friend who takes it all just a little too seriously, but ignore them and just have some fun.

Hydro Sliding At Wairewa Thermal Pools


Grab those togs, head to Wairewa Thermal Pools and take a ride on the hydro slides. Sure, you may have to start with the baby silver slide, but get your speedster on and race your friends down the curl of The Twister. Do that, and you’ve reclaimed your childhood carelessness. If it’s all too much, relax in one of the adult-only pools afterwards.

Or…Just Hire A Ball Pit

Your house

So that no one gets in the way of your sweet, sweet non-adulting. It won’t be weird at all when the delivery guy asks where the kids are.

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