10 Things Every Student Tells Themselves During Exam Season

By Albert Cho
25th Oct 2017

10 Things Every Student Tells Themselves During Exams Season

To anyone who says exam season is their fave season of the year, you and I need to have a little talk about being honest with yourself. There is nothing enjoyable about late nights in the library while being under constant stress, not to mention the anxiety attacks. This is exactly why we just end up not actually studying. Here are some of the top things we tell ourselves to make slacking acceptable.

1. My Mental Health Comes First

Grades are just grades guys, your mental wellbeing is what’s really important and should be on the top of your priorities. Exams are just too emotionally draining and the stress that comes with it is just not worth your time.

2. I Wouldn’t Even Get Much Done Anyway

We all reach the dilemma of contemplating whether to stay home and get stuck into the books or go out and have fun with mates. The best option is obvs to go out because let’s be real, you were not gonna get anything done apart from scroll through Insta-stories and feeling mad fomo.

3. I’m Too tired, I Just Can’t Absorb Anything Right Now

You procrastinated till the late hours of the night, you finally sit down to get stuff done but you just can’t bring yourself to do it. Just attempt five minutes of studying and pull out the “my brain isn’t taking in any of the knowledge, I’ll start tomorrow”. This way you can tell yourself that you’ve at least tried and feel less guilty.

4. I Need To Make A Study Plan

Our English teachers always tell us to plan every essay before actually writing it. So that must apply to studying too, right? You get the highlighters out, design the best study plan to get you motivated and before you know it, three hours have passed. Three hours sitting at a desk is a long time! This is when you pull out the…

5. I Need To Get Outside For Some Fresh Air

You deserve some time outdoors to get some physical activity into your day after all that effort you put in to making that study plan! Also, sitting down for too long is just not good for your posture or physical health in general so you’re actually doing yourself a favour.

6. Family Always Comes First

You have all your notes laid out, your study plan is on point and you’re ready to take the day by storm. Then you get a message from your mum asking if you want to go out with breakfast with her and you tell yourself that “family is worth more than any grade”. Whether it’s your mental health or your family, you’ll find something to chuck studying lower on the list of your priorities.

7. Exams Don’t Prove Anything

What better way to avoid studying than arguing against the system? We’ve all done it before—met up with a study group to smash out a reading and just end up talking about how stupid the concept of exams are. “Exams are so outdated, three hours of memorised notes says nothing about my intelligence”. This makes you feel a whole lot better about how little you’ve done and how bad you’re gonna fail.

8. They Need More Help Than I Do

Helping others with their studying or personal lives is a great way to kill time. Not only do you get to put off studying but it makes you look selfless and generous while the other person feels emotionally supported. It’s a win-win situation.

9. My Part Time Job Is Just Too Much For Me Right Now

Student life is hard, having to juggle an education, job and social life. It’s hard to find a balance and you often find yourself focusing on one thing more than the other. How are you supposed to study for exams when you have to go out with your friends and show up to work the next morning hungover? You’ll be too tired to do anything when you get home! This is why studying just isn’t an option, just like how cutting down on hours or not going out aren’t options either wink

10. Apparently Summer School Isn’t Actually That Bad

The final stage of ultimate procrastination – the acceptance of failure and finding the positive light to a very, very dark situation. You know in the back of your mind that summer school is the last place you want to be but you keep reminding yourself that there are people dying in this world and summer school is not too bad when compared to that.

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