11 Great Ideas For Your Next Girls’ Night In

By Martha Brooke
19th May 2017

Where are the Jager-fueled nights? The questionable heel heights? The douche-bag filled Long Room queues? Are we getting old or are our Saturday nights not all about drunken mistakes like they used to be?

Sometimes kicking back with the girls (minus a face full of make up) is the perfect night in scenario. Taking a break from bad choices and boys are definitely needed at times, let’s face it. So, pull your bestie close, get tagging and start planning your ultimate girls' night in!

Guarantee a fun-filled guide with our kick-ass ideas for your next girls' night in!

1. Ready, Steady, Cook!

Make like our British cousins and set up your very own bake-off station. Complete with naff aprons and your willing besties, hop to and cook up a storm. Raise the stakes and add in a non-biased judge. Finding one shouldn’t be hard—especially when cake is on the line. Get cracking (those eggs!) Winner takes all, but better still, you all get to enjoy the fruits of your efforts. Movie snacks sorted!

2. Get Your Zumba On!

We don’t know about you, but gyrating and boogying in a room full of strangers is cause for a red face. Instead of enduring the public humility of trying to get fit and look sexy at the same time, Zumba at home instead! Slap on a DVD, invite the girls over and get ready to shake what yo' momma gave you! Your BFF’s won’t judge, will they?

3. Unleash Your Inner Pablo Picasso

Yup, it’s true, paint parties are officially a thing. With places popping up in Christchurch and Queenstown offering paint ’n’ sip sessions, let’s bring the fun to Auckland! Chip in a few bucks each, raid the dollar store and get your game face on. Pop open your bottle of choice and get set to unleash your artistic side. It’s abstract don’t you know?

4. Get Crafty And Creative

If the creative juices are continuing to flow, don’t stop! Instead, get your craft hat on. Gather the girls, bring up Pinterest and dig out those craft supplies. We're talking bunting, scrapbooking and DIY projects galore! Make something to jazz up your room, send to mum for Mother's Day or a tent for your cat. The possibilities are endless!

5. Host A Pizza Party

Yeah, although you might be able to buy pizzas for a measly five bucks, it doesn’t quite beat making your own. Covered in flour, getting creative with topping choices and putting stores to shame, it feels hella good and tastes even better! Don’t forget to make your own bases (yes you can do it!) Add in music, booze and good company for an even better time!

6. Bring On The Board Games

When was the last time you played Jenga, Kerplunk or Guess Who? If you’re not saying last week, it’s been too long. Dig out these old classics or raid your nearest op shop and get set to embark on a nostalgic trip. Tell your guests to each bring a board game of choice and set the stakes high. Battle it out for the number one spot and have a serious amount of fun along the way.

7. Become A Beautician

Hands up ladies. How many of you have watched a Youtube tutorial on how to create a Blake Lively inspired fishtail plait? Guilty as charged. Put these hours to good use and practice on your clients a.k.a bestie. From nail art to phallic eyeliner trends, take turns to recreate looks in the comfort of your own home. Keep those face wipes at the ready!

8. Pamper, Pamper, Pamper

Okay, so it’s not like we need another excuse to don our fluffiest dressing gown (yes we own more than one) but hey, why not? Instead of paying crazy prices to visit a spa, set up your own at home. Complete with cucumber slices, nail station and face packs, get set to unwind and relax. Sorry, we couldn't find a hunky, Italian male masseuse!

9. Organise A Clothes Swap

Looking for a good excuse to throw out that orange boob tube? Throw a clothes swap! Tell the girls to bring over any unwanted garments and let the fun begin. Pick a number from a hat and await your turn. Like a Chinese auction, guests can ‘steal’ an item from the person who took a turn before them! You could end up with something equally as hideous or your bestie's closet gem!

10. Watch Your Fave Chick Flicks

What might be an obvious choice, still makes for one of the best. Think 13 Going On 30, A Cinderella Story and Clueless (duh) to get you started. To amp it up a little and with bottle of wine in hand, why not play a game? Take Magic Mike for example (hello Mr Tatum!). Every time Channing takes his shirt off, drink. Easy. Create your own rules, giggle along and prepare to get merry!

11. Hold A Slumber Party

You know that scene in Grease when the Pink Ladies get in their PJs and prance around the bedroom singing to songs? That could be you and your BFF’s! Get in your comfiest jim jams, eat all the junk food and get ready to talk about boys, boys, boys. Throw diets out of the window, along with inhibitions and photogenic photo opps, for one heck of a fun-filled night.

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