13 Overseas Foodie Experiences To Add To Your Bucket List Right Now

By Ally Parker
4th May 2017

best foodie expeirences from around the world

Thought your home town was the only place that allowed you to indulge in your greatest food fantasies? Yes, you might think anywhere with a stoner’s delight is pretty close to your deepest, most self-indulgent foodie dreams, but there’s a big world out there. We’ve scooped together some of the world’s best (and craziest) foodie experiences from every corner of the globe. Start planning your itinerary now.

Modern Toilet

Taipei City, China

Someone somewhere thought, “You know what’s missing from the restaurant scene? Something that’s a little on the nose”. And from there, Modern Toilet was born. Located in Taipei City, China, Modern Toilet includes meals, seats and even crockery overtly (and we mean overtly) toilet themed. Ever wanted to dig into a chocolate ice cream swirl served via squat toilet? How about enjoy broth or curried meat from a clogged loo? Well now you can thanks to this scatological fantasyland (that we don’t think anyone really asked for).

Ithaa Undersea Restaurant

Rangali Island, Maldives

Your primary school excursion to the Aquarium has nothing on this. The Ithaa Undersea Restaurant is set five metres under the surface at the Conrad Rangali Maldives Island resort, with 180-degree panoramic views thanks to glass walls and ceiling. Those keen on a lunch (four courses) or dinner (seven courses) down where it’s wetter can enjoy a set menu (on the pricey side) that includes a squid ink miso-dashi consommé and coconut crusted legine.

Bucket ‘o’ Meatballs At The Meatball Shop

New York City, USA

Did you watch on top of spaghetti and feel a deep, existential anguish at the loss of spaghetti’s defining feature, the meatball? This one’s for you, you pure soul you. The Meatball Shop in New York City gives you the chance to live out your meat-happy dreams with a bucket ‘o’ balls. Literally. Simply pick your flavour and they’ll sauce up 25 of the world’s best with a generous helping of cheese.

Ichiran Ramen

Brooklyn, USA

This one goes out to the introvert who just wants some ramen. Designed to limit interaction, Ichiran Ramen, which kind of looks like the dining version of exam conditions, includes self-seating, a meal ordering form, and anonymous wait staff. All that, plus top notch, high quality tonkotsu ramen with house made noodles and a spicy red sauce recipe that sits somewhere between CIA and KFC in regards to secrecy.

World’s Largest Terrapin Sundae At Margie’s

Chicago, USA

Anyone who was ever denied a second scoop of ice cream by their parents who ‘meant well’ needs to hit up Margie’s in Chicago. This glory consists of 15 scoops of vanilla ice cream, 2 gravy boats of hot fudge, 2 gravy boast of caramel sauce, 6 wafers, 5 cherries, a helping of whipped cream and a smattering of nuts. Do you have what it takes?

Instant Ramen Museum

Osaka, Japan

Located in the city where the magic (see: instant ramen) began, the Instant Ramen Museum in Osaka, Japan is one to put on the travel wish list. Those travelling to the museum can learn about creator, Momofuku Ando, how the noodles are made, and even create your on cup with ingredients of your choosing. Fun fact: Japan’s domestic annual consumption of instant ramen has hit 5.4 billion servings as of 2014 #themoreyouknow.

Cheesebomb Burger At Maxwell’s Bar & Grill

London, UK

Those who love cheese (and thought Kath and Kim’s baby cheesus was actually a pretty cool idea) need to get over to London and Maxwell’s Bar & Grill. Now. The cheesebomb burger, lauded as a cheese lover’s dream, is a beef-based burger that looks innocuous at first before being lovingly coated in an oozing pile of melted cheddar—yes, you’ll need several hundred napkins. Wash it all down with a freakshake in one of 20 flavours, including Salted Caramel Donut or Oreo Cookie.


New York, USA

Ninja is another great example of childhood dreams coming true and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Based in Tribeca, NYC, Ninja mixes 18th century, Feudal Japan with modern, Japanese fusion. This isn’t one for the pinky-up eater (it’s very child-friendly and boasts a ninja magician) but is perfect for those keen on a fun atmosphere with a side of sushi.

Paddy Long’s Bacon Bomb

Chicago, USA

It’s unsurprising that something called a bacon bomb is from the US; we might be the world’s number one consumer of concentrated yeast extract but you guys make stuff like this. That being said, we’re not mad at it. The bacon bomb, from Paddy Long’s, is five pounds of sausage, pork and beef mixed with spices, wrapped in brown sugar bacon and slow cooked in a pig roaster. It serves six to eight people with a side of fries, or you can attempt to finish it yourself for eternal pride, a t-shirt and maybe some heart problems.

Le Panoramic Restaurant

Chamonix-Mont Blanc, France

Le Panoramic is located 2,500 meters above sea level. For those with no reference point (guilty) that’s high. 360 views of Mont-Blanc are available for your dining pleasure with the restaurant available via skis or cable car. Aside from views that’ll have your insta mates jealous, diners can expect Savoyard cuisine (i.e. that of the French Alps) as well as pastas, soups and other staples.

Dinner In The Sky


This one isn’t for the scared of heights gang. Diner in the Sky offers the chance to dine 50 meters off the ground, in cool race car chairs nonetheless, across 45 worldwide locations like Canada, Brazil, Ireland and of course, it’s home town of Belgium. The team behind Dinner in the Sky understand a full dinner experience isn’t for everyone, so a 15-minute version is also available at select locations. We’d say “don’t look down” but we all know that’s futile.

Nutella Trdelník

Prague, Czech Republic

For the uninitiated, a trdelník is a kind of spit cake—sounds like an OH&S problem, we know—which is not only damn good but has been taken to a whole other level in Prague. Made by rolling dough around a stick then grilling and topping with sugar, cinnamon and walnut mix, the trdelník is a tourist favourite for a good reason. In recent years, vendors have begun adding ice cream, Nutella and other toppings to these dough-y bad boys, bringing joy, happiness and sugar rushes to people everywhere.

The Snow Castle

Kemi, Finland

Open from January to April, The Snow Castle is exactly what you think, a castle made of snow. First built as a present to children in 1996, The Snow Castle has become a popular attraction, hotel and restaurant. The menu includes local fish (salmon and perch) as well as soups, lamb and other Finnish staples, if you can stand the minus 5-degree temperature that is.

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The Meatball Shop | Image credit: Liz Clayman

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