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14 Things To Do With Friends That Aren’t Getting A Drink

By Ava Wardecki
23rd May 2017

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Alright Auckland, we get it. You're a glorious city with an endless supply of watering holes serving up the most splendiforous stirred and shaken bevvies. And we’re all inadvertent alcoholics because of this.

But when you've reached your limit of frosé and Aperol spritz (God forbid), you might find yourself wondering what on earth you can do that doesn't include hitting up your local pub. That's when we come in.

Here are the best things to do in Auckland that don’t involve getting a drink!

Build A Terrarium

So apparently there’s an indoor-plant craze upon us (who would have thought?!) and if you’re keen to jump on the eco-friendly glass garden bandwagon, it’s time to put your green thumb to work and head to your local garden shop to pick up a succulent, some soil and an aesthetic class container. Not only are these babies easy to throw together, low maintenance (read: if you’re lazy AF, these plants are for you) and sustainable, they’re also hella cute and the perfect way to freshen-up any space.

Ferry and Movie Time at Devonport

We’re gonna let you in on a little deal we heard of going on. For $17 you can get a Ferry and Movie Deal at The Vic, Devonport’s sweetest (and only) little cinema. Scenic ferry ride on the harbour followed by and an epic movie? We’ll take that combo for sure!

Lock Yourself In An Escape Room

You may (or may not) want to replace your Sunday session with trying to escape from a locked room (we promise this one’s more fun than it initially sounds). Recruit your squad for a big night out minus the booze. If you have the guts, Escapade is the ultimate adventure mission where you solve puzzles and break codes to escape before the timer goes off.

Paint Ceramics

Hats off Paint The Earth for having the greatest selection of ceramics ready for us to paint! We guarantee you’ll come out of it with a prize creation ready to show off to all your friends. You’ll definitely be in great hands as you learn all the ins and outs of painting ceramics and will be well on your way to becoming the Picasso of plates.

Rollerskate Around The Bays

You know those super snazzy rollerskaters and bladers you see zooming their way along the Mission Bay promanade? It’s now your turn to be one of them. Round up your squad and hire out some sick roller shoes from Fergs Kayaks and roll your worries away! You’ll be spending quality time with your pals, sweating it out and taking in the top-notch views of the water.

Get Your Zen On

Swap your rowdy nights out for a spot of calm and peacefulness at Auckland’s Fo Guang Shan Temple. Forget drinking away those pesky problems, breathing in and gently letting them seep out is the way to go with their regular meditation classes. With all these calm and positive vibes, your squad will be the most zen people about.

Dangle Around At Tree Adventures

Drinking games are fun and all but have you ever tried testing your skills with some serious treetop challenges? Emphasis on the serious. A BIG emphasis. Yep, Tree Adventures is the aerial adventure full of mid-air bridge walks (just casually), rope climbs, flying foxes and an epic tree climbs. And let’s be honest, it’s pretty much a massive adult playground. Score.

Hit Up Circus School

Let’s just say hanging yourself upside down in and around aerial silks and hoops at The Dust Palace can get just as messy as your Saturday night out (except you’ll be able to remember this one). Instead of reaching for the glass, you’ll be reaching for an aerial silk for a lesson in all kinds of circus and aerial acts. Hot Tip: tight clothes go a long way when you’re flipping upside down.

Fermentation Classes At Little Bird Organics

So this one’s a bit of a cheat but we promise you’ll be fermenting for non-alcoholic reasons. The team at Little Bird Organics is hosting some epic classes to give us the low down on fermenting (and it’ll certainly jazz up your non-existent cooking repertoire too). You’ll learn the fine art of fermenting foods like sauerkraut, kombucha, kimchi and coconut yoghurt too. You’ll obvs get to taste test and take everything home as well.

Make Pottery, Not War

It’s definitely time to get your hands dirty with this one. The wheel-throwing lessons at Auckland Studio Potters are for complete beginners which means you won’t be the only one who sees their wet clay completely cave on your first try. Maybe second. And probably the third too. You’ll definitely be in great hands as you learn all the foundations of moulding pottery, including throwing, trimming and glazing.

Find Out The Civic’s Secrets

Snoop around the the grounds of The Civic with their newly created 45-minute long guided tours. You’ll be able to get an intimate, behind-the scenes glimpse at the iconic architecture and décor that makes this building oh-so-special. You’ll be hearing all about the workings and history of this iconic atmospheric theatre. Anyone else getting Phantom of The Opera Vibes?

Cake Decorating

Trust us when we say that cake classes at Milly's are next level. Here they’ll teach you how to take your housewife/hubby game to the next level by making killer cakes. They’ll teach you all the important life skills you’ll need to know like how to make perfect buttercream and how to throw together the quintessential unicorn cake. Of course, you’ll be able to take home your creations that will be almost too good to eat. Almost.

Burlesque Exercise Classes

Because everyone has an inner Burlesque diva just waiting to pop out. Get your cardio done in style with your gal pals with the latest dance fusion, Burlequercise! Shimmy and shake your stress away the glamorous way. Note: glitter and feather boas not included.

Creative Mornings

Inject your crew with a dose creative inspiration! Creative Mornings AKL hosts regular breakfast-time talks about all things happening and creative. Wake up nice and early, indulge yourself in some stimulating discussions and let those creative juices flow. Your crew will be the most inspired bunch out after one of these talks, and that's a fact. 

Image Credit: Unsplash 

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