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17 Date Ideas You Haven’t Thought Of

By Ruby Johnson
12th Sep 2017


Dinner and a movie is always a safe bet, but the whole wining and dining thing gets a bit old after a while. We’ve got you covered with some fresh date ideas that'll be sure to wow your bae and earn you some extra gold stars.

Straying from all things cliché, we’ve conjured up a list of dates that you simply haven't have thought of. You’re so lucky to have us…

Board Games

Reminisce about the good ol' days and get dangerously competitive over some board games. Whip out the classics, chuck on your poker face and make it rain in Monopoly dollas. If you’ve ditched all your old games, pop on over to Cakes ‘n Ladders café to play, because nothing beats scoffing down some victory cake.

Sunset Picnic

For this date you may need to borrow your dad’s work van (because a date night in the boot of your Mazda 2 is not comfy). Hunt down your cosiest blankets/cushions/pillows and transform the back of your car into a dreamy fort just for the two of you. Load up a picnic basket with both of your fave snacks and head off to find the perfect sunset lookout.

Outfit Swap

Surrender your trust over to your SO, along with your clothing sizes (eeek), as they're going to be your stylist for the day. Set yourselves a budget that won’t break the bank and go outfit shopping for each other. Hide your purchases until the big try-on reveal. An orange knitted xmas sweater–really?!

Ride A Seaplane

Roses? We don’t think so. Surprise your date with an experience instead and score yourself triple brownie points. Grab yourselves some ticks for a trip in one of Auckland’s seaplanes and you two can be soaring and flying just like Troy and Gabriella. Pick an evening flight (when the weather is bound to be perfect) and you’ll be gliding above Rangitoto, off into the sunset.

Dinner Date Crawl

Ditch the standard dinner date and go on several dates in one night by hosting your own restaurant crawl. Indulge in a full five-course meal, with each serving bought from a different place. Not only does this make for a flavourful night, but you get to try out all those places you’ve never had the chance to. Who knows, this could become a tradition.


Nothing makes the heart melt like cute little animals. Throw in your partner caring for fur babies and your insides will turn to mush for sure. Instead of window shopping in pet stores, do some good and help out at an animal shelter for the day. The Sanctuary in Matakana are always appreciative of some extra care, and the animals (and your date) will love you for it!

Star Gazing

Gaze up at the sky and admire the beauty of the stars (and your date) all at once. If cosying up outside beneath the stars isn’t glam enough for you, you’re in luck, because Auckland’s Stardome is always displaying must-see shows.

Zip Lining

Jump on a ferry with your date and float on over to the beautiful Waiheke Island. Only this time you won’t be wining and dining at the romantic vineyards. Instead you’ll be showing your SO what you’re made of (and pretending to not be crapping yourself) whilst zooming down one of the three zip lines at EcoZip. Fly alongside your date while looking out at views over Auckland. Treat yourselves to a glass of wine at the end, we won’t tell.

Photo Booths

Totally cliche, but also totally cute. Photo booths are a must on dates, not only because it’s a good way to capture that day perfectly, but it also gives you something to cherish (awww). It seems very 80’s movie-esque, but we believe it’s a total winner. You’re sure to come across photo booths in several arcades around Auckland.

Fight It Out

There are two sides to every person, and your date has to see the aggressive side of you at some point, right? Whether you yell at the TV during a sports match, or loathe that girl who gets another rose on The Bachelor, we’ve found a different way to express that inner anger. Boxing! Not only will this get you hot and sweaty, but it’s also a perfect opp to show your date what you’re made of. Boxing Central has got you covered.

Get Creative

Some say creativity is one of the most attractive personality traits, so why not express your inner-creative self by visiting Pinterest for your DIY needs. Pinterest offers up some pretty cute gift ideas, so why not make something for each other? This a must-do for those of you trying to save some moola, and it's perfect for a rainy day inside. 


Our friends over at Jump have got your date night covered. Express your inner-child and jump to your heart’s content alongside your special friend. This is the perfect opportunity to show off your latest backward flip, and test how brave you really are. All the while, you’re totally getting a workout done and dusted for the week. BONUS.


We know it seems bizarre, but working out on a date is a total win/win situation. Whether you’re trying to shed those post-brunch calories, or simply want to get a weekly workout in without bailing on your date —yoga and a low-intensity workout is the perfect idea. Our friends over at True Food & Yoga have totally got you and your date needs covered. Who knows, it may even become a weekly ritual for you and your bae.


Spookers on a date? Nope, we’re not kidding! One of Auckland’s scariest attractions is, in our eyes, the perfect place to take your special friend on a date. Get amongst some of your biggest fears and take on some of horror’s most notorious characters. This is the perfect opp to show your date what you’re made of (and a good way to sneak in a cheeky cuddle).


Nothing seals a group date like karaoke. Auckland is filled with karaoke bars to really test those vocal chords (with a few drinks in your system, of course). Whether you belt out some '80s classics, or bring it a little closer to home with some Kiwi bangers, karaoke group dates are a must-do in our opinion.

Go To A Gig

It's hard to branch out from some of our trustiest bands/musicians, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. So why not check out one of Auckland’s gigs—we know, you’re wondering why you didn’t think of this earlier. K’Road is the perfect place to scope out the latest music scene, with Neck Of The Woods providing banger after banger every weekend.

Take A Cooking Class

Food is always a good time, especially when you're cooking together. Auckland is filled with numerous cooking classes, we’ve even compiled a list for you here. Indulge in some tasty food, with tasty company. 

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