20 Things To Do When You’ve Run Out Of Things To Do

By Ellen Seah
4th Jan 2016

Paris-Hilton bored

Holidays are so great, until they’re not. At some point we all hit the metaphorical Netflix and chill wall – that undeniable feeling of boredom with a good dose of gluttonous festivity creeping in to make us feel guilty for being so very lazy and unproductive.

Well Listers, like the Christmas turkey you so happily consumed just days ago, stuff that. Holidays are created for a magnificent sloth-like existence, complete with overused pyjamas and overheating TVs. So when you’re run out of things to do, here are 20 things to do.

1. Go for a run in a straight line. Avoid houses, fences and trees as necessary, but continue running as far as you can. Turn around and walk all the way home. Repeat.

2. Send all your friends a personalised late Christmas card in the mail. If you’re an advanced procrastinator, make all the Christmas cards yourself from only the materials you have on hand at home.

3. Find the most difficult cake recipe online. If you’re sick and tired of browsing through the Internet here is our suggested list. Buy enough ingredients for ten cakes, and proceed to attempt to make identical desserts. Rank them according to flavour, pastry/filling and presentation, Great British Bake Off style. Assign each cake to one of your friends, in relation to how much you like them.

4. Make a list of things you could do.

5. Try to going skiing in summer. Hard surfaces will damage your snowboard or skis, so you’d better make your own makeshift ones from wood for safety.

6. Pick up some origami paper. Make 1000 paper cranes and then gift it to your frenemy with a card explaining that you’ve already used up the wishes.

7. Make a list of all your old high school friends. Methodically stalk each person on Facebook and LinkedIn.

8. Make your own mini golf course in your backyard. If you’re too poor to have a backyard, make a themed course in your living room. Invite all your friends over to play.

9. Visit all your favourite doughnut stores in the city (a minimum of five stores is required). Buy a pack of six from each. Show your housemates and tell them they can only have some if they commit to a Disney marathon of all the Disney movies ever created.

10. Visit IKEA for some new furniture for the new 2016 you. As a stroke of genius, convince yourself you can put it all together without any assistance, even from the instructions booklet.  

11. Grab all your cheap looking pieces of jewellery you don’t like anymore and paint them with nail polish.

12. Try to stay in bed for a full 24 hours. Yes, you’ll have to get creative.

13. Leave the country with the money you have left in your bank account post-Christmas. On second thoughts, fill up on petrol and drive as far as you can with the money you have left (double digits... anyone?)

14. Find all your old, gross 15-year-old clothes lying at the back of your wardrobe. Make them fashionable again by altering or creatively pairing them with some of your current clothes.

15. Google the campingwithdogs Instagram. Suddenly get motivated to go camping, only to realise there aren’t that many cute dogs around halfway up your hike.  

16. Play the Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy Game. I have yet to successfully leave the first room.

17. Paint your room a different colour. If you decide you hate the colour a week later, repaint your room its original colour.

18. Spring clean everything (properly).

19. Order a Tamagotchi from China and take care of it for at least a week. If you’d like to level up to the advanced version of this tip, buy a fish as well.

20. Pretend you’re a millionaire and find your dream home/car/wardrobe/husband online. Challenge your friends to the best fake-millionaire lifestyle.

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