20 Things To Do With Your Leftover Ham

By Phoebe Grealy
26th Dec 2015

leftover ham recipes

Christmas has come and gone and what have you got left to show for it? An extra roll on the belly, a rubbish bin full of ripped wrapping paper and about 2 kilograms of leftover ham on the bone.

I’m not sure how it happens, but no matter how conservative you are with ham buying, there is always a lifetime’s supply of ham leftover once Santa has exited the building.

Sure, you can eat ham and eggs for breakfast every day, but if your 2016 resolutions are going to be along the lines of ‘be a better cook’ or ‘learn some new recipes’ then let us get the ball rolling. Here are 20 things you can do with your leftover ham. Let's get cooking!

  1. The obvious choice is to make a croque monsieur which is French for ‘ham and cheese toastie’. Oui!
  2. The ‘traditional’ ham and pineapple pizza. Ha!
  3. Pea and ham soup. Also a great way to use the ham bone if you’re all about no waste.
  4. Ham and parmesan muffins.
  5. Bubble and squeak – be the first to willingly make this dish since 1965.
  6. Ham sandwiches with fennel slaw on white rolls from Crust & Co.
  7. Omelettes with ham, cheese and chives.
  8. Eggs Benedict with ham and heaps of hollandaise. It's almost like being at Moose & Gibson on a Sunday morning.
  9. Potato salad flecked with pieces of ham: this actually gets rid of two lots of leftovers.
  10. Give your ham to the little neighborhood dog as a treat.
  11. Leave it for the crows, in your enemy’s garden.
  12. Make a ham, sweet potato and sage quiche.
  13. Ham and eggs for breakky, with a side of roasted tomato.
  14. Eat it cold with brie, olives and crostini if you’re feeling classy.
  15. Or eat it cold straight from the fridge if you’re feeling hungover.
  16. Quesadillas with ham, corn and chilli. Check out the recipe here.
  17. Crispy ham and rocket salad with goats cheese and mango.
  18. Offload it at a friend’s post-Christmas party. They'll love you forever?
  19. Make what is a crazy 80s dish: hamsteaks with pineapple on top. I begged my mum for this dinner at least once a week #gourmand.
  20. Aim for Heston Blumenthal-level creativity and concoct an impossibly delicious ham gelato.

What have we missed? Hit us up with you leftover ham recipes!

Image credit: Australian Women's Weekly 

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