23 Questions Every New Zealander Will Get Asked While Overseas

By Olivia Atkinson
3rd Sep 2017

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Us Kiwis love (emphasis on the LOVE) to travel. We’re constantly seeking out new adventures in lands that usually require a long-ass flight and the occasional convo explaining that no, New Zealand (still) isn’t part of Australia.

If you’re a) a Kiwi and b) dabbled in a bit of overseas wandering, it’s likely you’ve been asked a question or two about little ol’ NZ. Some are legit, some...not so legit.

From the typical Lord of the Rings chat to the downright WTF, here are 23 questions every New Zealander is likely to be asked while overseas.

  1. “Is that an Australian accent I hear?” Not quite.
  2. “Is that a British accent I hear?” Colder.
  3. “Is that an American accent I hear?” Ice cold.
  4. “New Zealand? That’s pretty much Australia, right?” *face palm*
  5. “Have you heard of the movie called ‘Lord of the Rings’?” Nope, no idea what that is.
  6. “Wow, such a long way away! How did you get here? Did you fly?” Walked, actually.
  7. “Does that mean you love kiwifruit?” Erm.
  8. “Christmas in summer?! How does that even work?” Jesus and his birthday don’t discriminate based on seasons, y’know?
  9. “So, you celebrate Christmas?” Uh huh, but only at Christmas.
  10. “Does everyone own a sheep there?” Yes, I own five, in fact.
  11. “How can you afford to live?! Flights there are so expensive!” Yep, as is the rent, the food, the petrol...basically everything.
  12. “Do you go to the outback often?” Wrong country, mate.
  13. “I heard that everything wants to kill you over there, like snakes and spiders and stuff.” Nope, still Australia.
  14. “What are you doing here? You’re so far from home!” Um, travelling…
  15. “You New Zealanders always seem to be travelling. Why are you always travelling? Why do you travel for so long? TELL MEH!” We live agesss away from the rest of the world. Oh and a combination of YOLO/FOMO.
  16. “So, kiwi birds. Do they roam the street and stuff?” Yes. Come see for yourself.
  17. “Every Kiwi I’ve met outdrinks the Aussies and the Brits! Are you all like that? Is it, like, in your DNA?” Sheesh, can’t a New Zealander enjoy a bevy or seven in peace.
  18. “There’s a north island and a south island? Can you drive between the two?” 10 points for trying.
  19. “Man, I love Flight of the Conchords! What are those two guys up to these days?” One sec, I’ve got Jermaine on speed dial, I’ll just call him and ask.
  20. “Why is your nickname a fruit?” Uggggh.
  21. “Sorry, can you repeat that? I don’t understand.”
  22. “What’s the hobbit population of New Zealand?” Depends who’s counting.
  23. “The All Blacks. What’s with their scary dance?” It’s the haka. It’s called the haka. Gosh.

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