24 Things You’ll Understand If You’re From West Auckland

By Urban List Writers
13th Jun 2017


Growing up in West Auckland brings a whole different perspective to city life. From the good to the bad, to the bits in-between, there’s no denying that it’s one hella unique experience.

Here are 24 things you’ll understand if you grew up in West Auckland.

1. Learning those shoes on the power lines aren’t there by accident.

2. Your life is played out in Outrageous Fortune.

3. Not needing to travel an hour from the city to go chasing waterfalls.

4. Not being able to buy alcohol from the supermarket. Seriously, wtf?

5. Mullets are (still) a thing.

6. Deep fog that doesn’t burn off until the afternoon and you’re left with about an hour before the sun sets.

7. The daily check-in from the Eagle helicopter.

8. Not doing normal restaurants and cafes. Oh no, there's Woah Studios.

9. Denying you live in West Auckland even though you’re in Lynfield, Mt. Albert or Mt. Roskill. We know the truth. Wink wink. 

10. Watching poor mama duck’s ducklings get fewer by the day.

11. But sometimes they get saved by fire fighters and it ends up national news.

12. Going to school on the North Shore or in the City—even if you have to pretend you’re Catholic.

13. Having the most epic beaches on the planet. Fact.

14. Falling asleep to the sweet symphony of Skylines.

15. Roadworks on the North Western for the last ten years and counting.

16. The tunnel. Holy hell, it actually opened. 

17. Hollywood comes to us on the reg.

18. And when they leave, they donate their gear to local op shops. #score

19. Auckland Transport breaking something that was already broken—public transport.

20. Heading to Paradice Ice Skating on a Friday night and pashing on the benches.

21. Mastering the ‘W’ for Westside before you start primary school.

22. Going to the supermarket in pyjamas and UGGs is a thing.

23. As is wearing black all. The. Time. Preferably with a heavy metal t-shirt.

24. Knowing that west rhymes with best for a reason. 

Image Credit: Outrageous Fortune

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