24 Things You’ll Understand If You’re The Eldest Child

By Bella Ramdhanie
6th Nov 2017

You’re your parents first born, therefore you’re a little bit spoilt and sometimes you can’t help but borderline feel like a science experiment. Naturally, we are talking about all the weirdness that comes with being the eldest child.

If you’re the elder to your siblings, we understand and we can sympathise. From being the centre of attention to being a real-life victim to numerous parenting techniques, here are 24 things that only us eldest children will understand.

  1. You’re the guinea pig—all parenting techniques were tested out on the likes of you, most of which included your parents being s t r i c t.
  2. Therefore, you broke down aaall the barriers for your younger siblings.
  3. Seriously, why did you get grounded every second week in high school? You were an angel compared to these clowns.
  4. As soon as your siblings were born, all your glorious attention was cut in half. Uh what, you thought you were the star around here?
  5. But there are still to this day more baby pictures of you. Yussss.
  6. You feel low-key smug because if you have siblings of the same sex your name is clearly your parents’ favourite.
  7. No matter what the crime, it’ll end up being your fault.
  8. And thus, “You should know better” become four words that will make your skin crawl.
  9. You’re there to set an example, you’re a role model, and your parents don’t let you forget it.
  10. This comes with being conflicted between being cool and being responsible. This can put you in some verrry sticky situations.
  11. Babysitting, but with no pay. Ugh.
  12. You probably have the biggest room. Score.
  13. Being copied. All the time. You know, you’re fabulous, but can they stop stealing your favourite top?
  14. Those three words, “I’m telling mum,” slowly become the biggest threat known to humankind.
  15. Bribery, threats and straight up begging for your life occurs often. Exhibit A: “I’m never talking to you again if you tell mum.”
  16. Getting more and more irritated every time sometimes describes you as bossy. Which let’s be honest, you probably are.
  17. You’re always right. Obviously.
  18. They are absolutely in no way allowed to reach life milestones before you. Nope. Uh, Uh. Not happening.
  19. You find yourself getting jealous of your sibling’s youth. Even if they are only a few years apart from you. Ah, to be young again.
  20. You think you are basically as wise as they come, so you have advice and dos and don’ts for every aspect of their life. Not that they listen to you past those pre-teen years.
  21. You pass on your wisdom whether they like it or not and sometimes find yourself acting as a second parent.
  22. They know just how to annoy you and steal all your favourite clothes, but you can’t help being extremely defensive of them.
  23. You can talk trash about your siblings for days on end, but if anyone else tries it, they’re a goner.
  24. To be honest, you would probably take a bullet for them. 

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Image Credit: Keeping Up With The Kardashians

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