25 More Signs You Have Your Life Together

By Dasha Koryagina
19th Sep 2017

25 More Signs You Have Your Life Together

Being an adult is not all it’s cracked up to be. While you spend most of your childhood years dying to be your own, grown-up, fabulously independent person, it seems that once you reach that magical place, you’re suddenly wishing you could revert to the carefree lifestyle of a teenager—bludging off your parents, with the entirety of your piggy bank to your name and no idea what it means to pay the bills or cook for yourself. But, eventually, as you realise there’s no way out but to persevere, you get your shit together. And so, to celebrate the adult you, we’ve compiled a list of 25 signs proving that you’re not so bad at this adulthood thing after all! You may even end up giving yourself a high five, or two.

  1. Your parent's fridge and pantry are no longer your personal free-of-charge supermarket.
  2. When you go to the actual supermarket, you take a shopping list. And don’t divert from it.
  3. At said supermarket, you take the time to work out the best deals, even if the savings are just 5c an item you know it makes a difference to the total amount.
  4. You don’t even know what the inside of a pawn shop looks like anymore. That’s how long it’s been since you’ve had to pawn things off to make rent.
  5. You have an actual savings account! (Go you!)
  6. You call your parents on the reg. And not because you need to borrow money.
  7. Your car gets a regular service. The mechanic is no longer a place you visit just because there’s something seriously wrong and you can’t put it off any longer.
  8. Your car insurance access has come down because you haven’t been responsible for an accident in three whole years.
  9. You’re easy to reach. You answer the phone when it rings because you’re not afraid of hearing the voice of a Baycorp representative on the other end. You also pay to listen to voicemail.
  10. You go for a dental check up every six months. On your own accord, not because your mother has bugged you to death about it.
  11. You eat leftovers. In fact, you cook extra on purpose so that you don’t have to tomorrow.
  12. You pack your lunch for work. And it doesn’t consist of fun-sized chocolate bars and chip packets.
  13. You file all your receipts in a designated folder so that when something breaks down you can actually take advantage of the warranty.
  14. Laundry is part of your weekly routine. You no longer wait until you’ve run out of clothes completely. You’ve also said “goodbye” to the rotation of dirty clothes from the back of the chair to the bedroom floor corner and invested in an actual laundry basket.
  15. Home improvement stores excite you. You’re often strolling through the local Mitre10 picking out paint for your non-existent house.
  16. You drink white wine out of white wine glasses, red wine our of red wine glasses and champagne out of flutes. You own all these and have forgotten what it is to drink wine out of a cup, bottle or box.
  17. Your opinions are informed. You’re well read and researched. You no longer vote for the same party as your parents simply because you don’t know any better or for something like Bill and Ben or The Cannabis Party because a real decision is just too much to bear.
  18. Your house is decorated in plants, not whiskey bottles, and said plants are alive and well.
  19. You have a pet. Whether it’s a dog or something a little less high maintenance, you’re managing to keep something other than yourself alive and that’s a biggie. Congrats!
  20. You no longer press ‘snooze’ ten times over. You know what it’s like to start the day with a hot shower and a healthy breakfast. And be on time to work.
  21. You budget. You actually plan for the upcoming WOF and rego fees, have a ‘going out’ allowance and an emergency fund for any unexpected booboos.
  22. You can only get shitfaced at precisely calculated times. You’re busy and partying just doesn’t fit into your life as well as it used to. You need to give yourself a certain amount of sleep and recovery time. If you’ve got work in the morning, or a breakfast with the in-laws, you’re staying in.
  23. When you do go out drinking, you return home at a reasonable hour, remember the entirety of the night and always wake up knowing who you are, where you are and who is lying in bed next to you.
  24. You no longer drive drunk because a) you can identify when you’ve had too much to drink, b) you know “I drive better when I’m drunk” is not a reasonable statement, and c) you can actually afford to taxi home.
  25. You use protection. You know what we’re talking about.

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