26 Of The Most Annoying Instagram Posts, Ever

By Dani Byrnes
12th Sep 2017

26 Of The Most Annoying Instagram Posts, Ever

#fitspo #cleaneating #glutenfree #lifegoals are all terms we’ve become familiar with.

And if monotonous hashtags like these aren’t painful enough, Instagram has introduced selfie filters.

That’s right, more flower crowns and animal ears for us to cringe over. Now, *ahem* there’s a good chance we are all guilty of a few of the pet-peeves on our list, so let’s consider this a subtle hint to just. Stop. K Thanks.

  1. The bathroom selfie. We’ve all done it. Good light and dirty towels go hand in hand, obvs.
  2. Filter on filter on filter until your nose is blended into your hairline.
  3. Flower crowns. Keep them on Snapchat, plz.
  4. Coachella. No more tassels or unitards until 2018, TF. 
  5. Coachella TBTs every week until the next one.
  6. #foodie snobs and their $19 smashed avo. Every damn day.
  7. The obligatory airport flatlay. Designer handbag (or manbag), latte and very obvs Business Class boarding pass (YES PEOPLE, THAT SAYS A1). You redeemed it on Frequent Flyers, but whatevs #bragstagram.
  8. Then comes the plane pic. Wowser, you nabbed a window seat, congratulations. #worldtraveller
  9. Caption: “Big things coming”, “best news ever” #staytuned. You’ve been making posts like this for years now. We are still waiting. #wannabepreneur
  10. #nofilter #nomakeup #wokeuplikethis also means #cryingforattention. We can smell the X-Pro filter a mile away.
  11. Network marketers. 
  12. Green juice pic. Congrats, you are our #fitspo. Let’s all quickly forgot about the pic you uploaded at 3am smashing a kebab.
  13. Screenshots of your alarm clock. I’M BUSY. I AM IMPORTANT.
  14. The blogger pose. What is that you are looking at off in the distance? Almost as cringe worthy as the fake laugh.
  15. Thank you *insert fashion label here* for dressing me today. Hey sista, if you paid for it, you don’t need to thank ‘em. #notanambassador
  16. When you upload a pic of your night out and conveniently forget to Facetune your friends. Honestly, we can’t tell.
  17. The gym selfie. Errryday. Babe, lifting iPhones ain’t working out.
  18. Sleeping selfies. Who took this photo? We will never know. 
  19. The check-in queen. It’s been 20 minutes and we haven’t seen a check in, where are you?? What are you eating?? We are busting to know.
  20. Photos of the roses that boyfie sent you. Every damn day. Then posting about Tinder and #singlelyf a week later.
  21. #blessed
  22. Duck face. We still don’t get this one. 
  23. Pet photos. We love ‘em, keep ‘em coming. 
  24. Baby photos. We love ‘em, but also please stop. 
  25. Motivational captions with questionable relevance to your pic: “As free as the ocean” alongside a perfect shot of your butt at the beach.
  26. Screenshots of text message conversations. You are honestly the first person ever to have a predictive text fail. Really, you are.  

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