30 Awkward Things That Happen At The Gym

By Ayu Fristiasa
27th Sep 2017

30 Awkward Things That Happen At The Gym

For a place designed to make you look and feel good, the gym can also be a minefield of potential embarassment. From sweat and grunting men to wardrobe malfunctions, if it’s cringe-worthy and horrifying, chances are good it’s happened at the gym. And it’s happened to all of us.

  1. You realize you forgot to shave your pits this morning. Leg day it is.
  2. You discover there’s a little hole in your favourite tights...after you’ve done squats.
  3. You turn up to a fitness class that’s way too advanced for you. Send help plz.
  4. You turn the wrong direction at a group fitness class. My left or your left?
  5. Hip thrusters. Pelvic thrusts and grunting. Need we say more?
  6. Catching longer than necessary eye contact with a rando through the gym mirror.
  7. You see your gym crush when you’re wearing your not-so-fresh gym gear after a HIIT class.
  8. Leaving your super fit triathlete friend in charge of today’s workout. See ya!
  9. Relaxing the wrong muscles  in a yoga class in a way that turns heads and reduces your likelihood of new friends.
  10. Sitting in someone’s lovely pool of sweat. Sweat towels people!
  11. Choosing wrong hour to sweat it, as all the bros are out pumping arm day. Find the closest exit.
  12. Interrupting someone’s 10/10 gym selfie.
  13. The gym hottie catches you checking them out. Eye’s down from here on in.
  14. Changing room nudity. Is it that the older you get, the more comfortable you are walking around changing rooms nude?
  15. Pulling your best game face aaaand you’re watched. Whoops
  16. Finding sweat patches in places you didn’t know you could sweat.
  17. Eye contact while you squat. The pinnacle of gym awkwardness.
  18. Pretending to be on your phone as you subtly wait for that guy to leave the machine you need.
  19. Trying to out run the person next to you on the treadmill.
  20. Sports bra malfunction. Right, girls?
  21. Trying out a new exercise from an Insta #fitspo post…but it’s complicated AF and you gotta commit bc you’ve accidentally racked up an audience.
  22. Using the weights machine wrong. You’re just a creative soul.
  23. Getting caught admiring your own gains. 
  24. Overestimating your inner Hulk by adding extra weights. But fail miserably. Yes, everyone saw you reset the bar.
  25. Getting your bag caught in the turnstiles on the way to the gym…hello bottleneck of people behind you.
  26. Attempting an overhead press but gravity is just not your friend rn.
  27. You trip over a stray dumbbell. And no, there was no way to make that look classy.
  28. Missing your mouth at the water fountain. You’re a little disoriented from your workout, we get it
  29. Leaving an oh-so-sexy sweaty butt mark on the mat.
  30. You leave the gym as a flushed sweaty mess. But that bod though. #gainz #gainz #gainz

Image Credit: Inside Amy Schumer

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