30 Ways To Embrace The Minimalism Trend

By Bella Askelund
27th Sep 2017

Once upon a time it was all about materialism. Our lonely bank accounts were tiring all resources attempting to fund our excessive Kimmy K themed lifestyles. Nowadays however, it’s all about minimalism. Wearing the same jeans five days straight? That’s pretty cool. Only allowing your children one piece of LEGO®? Apparently cool too. Downsizing your five bedroom, three bathroom house to the size of a caravan? That’s the absolute bees knees of minimalism!

Declutter your life and your mind will follow. This is the essence of the modern day trend. So, if you’re consistently feeling on the verge of an ’07 Brittany Spears breakdown, or you can feel yourself gaining stress wrinkles faster than your grandma, minimalism may be your holy grail.

Here are 30 ways to embrace the minimalism trend. Quick—before you turn completely looney tunes on us.

1. In order to succeed with your new lifestyle, you need to first master the subtle art of not giving a f***.

2. The reason being, you’re about to wear the same pair of jeans and same three tees for the remaining of your work life. Not really but kind of…

3. Which brings us to one of our worst nightmares. Grab the black rubbish sacks, you’re about to go full commando on your wardrobe. The more you throw out, the more points you get.

4. Now arrange your wardrobe so there’s no clutter. You’ll love how easy it is getting dressed in the morning now!

5. When you’re done binning those seven ‘different’ stripy tees, it’s probably time to practice some mindful behaviour. It may be the only thing that gets you through the initial throw-out.

6. Whether it's yoga, meditation or a walk, getting into alignment with yourself is a key part of minimalism. Sadly, it’s trickier than it sounds—we’re pretty complex beings.

7. Creativity is also key. Whether you think your artsy or not is far from the point. The act of being creative is said to promote relaxation and a clearer mind. Yippee.

8. On that note, unplugging from technology is key too. You guys know what we mean, Instagram can be brutal on our self esteem at the best of times. (Thanks, Bella Hadid).

9. If you’re a true minimalist believer, you might go as far to delete the apps from your phone. If it has a toxic effect on your mind, it’s not worth the time of day.

10. That counts for Facebook too. Although entertaining, it involves a myriad of people gloating about their lives. How can we favour less when everyone on our newsfeed just purchased the new Fenty slides?

11. Minimalism isn’t purely about owning less, it’s about using less resources too. Therefore, that paper trail you keep leaving behind needs to stop, ASAP.

12. So, when the cashier says ‘do you want a receipt with that?’ you’re obvs responding with a no.

13. Now for our homes. The first step is that cupboard we all have. Ya’know the one that’s filled with the ‘it’ll come in handy someday’ things. Throw it all out, friends. All of it! 

14. Don’t worry, the sofa and television can stay. But, if you’ve got furniture in every corner and can barely see the floor, it’s probably time for some interior design inspo. 

15. Maybe you’ll go true minimalism style and build your own tiny home. They’re pretty fricking cute, not to mention cheap as chips!

16. If you’ve got children at home, take an attempt to throw out the thousands of LEGO® pieces and five-year-old toys lying around. If they weren't using them last year, they ain't about to now.

17. Although it’s not always fun to do, minimalism favours cleanliness. Clutter is not allowed. So, when you’re done with your tea mug, put it in the dishwasher ya grub. 

18. Eating real foods is also essential. Processed takeaways may taste good but they don’t do any good for your insides.

19. Try starting your day with wholegrain oats for breakfast with a big dollop of almond butter and some sliced banana. It's good for you but it tastes like pudding—yum. 

20. Lunch and dinner is all about those lean meats and organic veges. However, a lot of minimalists happen to be vegan. Ever considered taking the leap?

21. When you’re packing your lunch, use as little food wrap as possible. Minimal waste, please. 

22. Minimalism doesn’t mean you can’t buy anything, it's about purchasing wisely. You have to think that everything you buy deserves it's own space at home. So, where’s it going to go?

23. Yep, you are allowed to buy new clothes. It just has to be justified. Buying one cashmere jumper is a lot better than buying eight itchy jumpers that you’ll never wear.

24. The next thing to do is make a bucket list. Write down all the things you want to do before you die and start ticking them off. Whether it be skydiving or eating your body weight in pasta—just go for it. 

25. On that note, make a gratitude diary. That way, when you wake up in the morning you can write down everything you’re grateful in life. It’s a sure fire way to start your day with a smile.

26. If a gratitude diary is too cheesy for you, just get a diary in general. Writing has a seriously therapeutic influence on the mind. It’s a lot cheaper than therapy too.

27. Light candles before bed. Because who doesn’t love the smell of vanilla caramel before they sleep.

28. Or for a true Zen experience, spray peppermint essential oil on your pillows before bed.

29. That reminds us, minimalism is all about living in the present moment. So, when you catch yourself drifting off at work, remind yourself you only get to live today once.

30. Last but not least, SMILE. Positivity is contagious and everybody will love you for it.

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