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31 Ways To Spoil Your Single Self This Valentine’s Day

By Olivia Atkinson
7th Feb 2016

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So Valentine’s Day is peeking round the corner and you’re preeeetty sure that you’ll be flying solo…by yourself…all alone. 

Now, now, Listers. Before you starting feeling sorry for your single self, let us tell you—being single on Valentine’s Day is AWESOME. It’s the perfect excuse to spend that moolah you’d otherwise waste on flowers, extravagant gifts and a fancy pants dinner, and use it to treat your fine self! After all, you’re a tops human and deserve a slice of self love. 

And to help you do just that, we’ve complied a list of ways to spoil yourself this Valentine’s Day. 

  1. Wine and dine with another single homie at The Fed or Gusto At The Grand—WIN a fancy pants dinner below! 
  2. Embrace the fact that it’s Sunday and hit up one of Auckland’s best Sunday session spots
  3. Pop on a face mask and take a looong, bubbly bubble bath with your plastic duck.
  4. Fall in love with cheese. Unless you’re lactose intolerant. In that case, fall in love with fried chicken.
  5. Take your dog (or mum’s dog, or neighbour’s dog) on an adventure to one of these spots
  6. Rub some lavender oil on your temples and relax the hell out.
  7. Get your hair did. And yo nails.
  8. Binge watch your fave series and eat ice cream out of the tub.
  9. Master the art of cooking risotto. It’s delish.
  10. Handwrite a letter and send love someone else’s way. Preferably to another fellow single human.  
  11. Throw a party. Nothing like a shindig to blitz away any V-Day sorrows.
  12. Chuck on your finest (sexiest) outfit and head out for a few bevvies. You could bump into your future lad or lass.
  13. Exercise. Endorphins make you happy. Happy single people just don’t get upset on Valentine’s Day.
  14. Books make everything better. Stick your nose into a good novel and get lost in another world.
  15. Two words: chocolate desserts
  16. Babysit for those stressed-out parents you know haven’t been out for a year. Good deeds will make you feel better. 
  17. A seriously hefty dose of the ol’ retail therapy never hurt anyone.
  18. Gather your girlfriends, channel your inner Beyoncés, and hit up a cocktail bar.
  19. Turn off your phone and unwind. Facebook stalking your ex on this day is a bad idea.
  20. Buy yourself a maaaassive bouquet of flowers. Your room will look AND smell pretty.
  21. Adopt a cat. You’ll never be lonely again.
  22. Hang with the fam. Nothing spells love quite like f-a-m-i-l-y. Also, free food.
  23. Have a potluck with your mates and eat yourselves into a food coma.
  24. Go on a first date
  25. Avoid fancy restaurants like the plague and opt for a more low-key dining estab. Fokker Bros is a goodie. 
  26. Book in a spa treatment
  27. Catch up on sleep. Dreamworld might be a good place to spend the day. 
  28. Go the next step and get a TRIPLE shot coffee from one of these cafes.
  29. Get your eyebrows threaded by a pro. One’s brow game must be strong.
  30. Fall head-over-heels with Auckland. Here’s are few ideas to get you started. 
  31. Work your way through this list of must-do single activities. 

Image credit: Daily Mail

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