15 Things That Absolutely Will Happen On Your First Couple’s Holiday

By Anna May
15th Jun 2017

You know the drill. There’s a sale on flights, or a sweet little AirBnB, you look at each other, hearts in your eyes like Bugs Bunny when he sees the girl bunny in Space Jam, and it’s time. Time to take the plunge into your first couple’s vaycay. Queue the countdowns, the last-minute packing, the ‘babe, did you pack toothpaste’ and the sneaky hiding of things you don’t want them to see just yet (hello, nose hair trimmer).

Don’t panic, we’ve all been there. And to soften the blow, here are the things that can, will, and maybe even should happen on your first couple’s getaway. Enjoy.

  1. You start sending each other texts to countdown the days back and forth, maybe even with a couple of heart-eyed emojis and a few palm trees.
  2. People WILL ask you if you’re going to get engaged. No matter how long you’ve been together.
  3. Over packing is a given. Probably from both of you. Just accept it.
  4. There absolutely will be an airport-related crisis. Someone will read the take-off time as the boarding time, or forget their passport and have to turn around when you’re almost there.
  5. But everything will blow over because, dammit, you’re going on HOLIDAY!
  6. You might even have a cheeky drink in the departures bar and do the obligatory airport-check-in-this-is-where-we’re-going-don’t-be-jealous-thing.
  7. You’ll offer your partner the window seat, even though you really want it.
  8. If you’re going on a road trip, it will all be fun and games until the hanger sets in and you cannot—will not—decide where to eat.
  9. And then there’s the whole thing about which Spotify playlist to go with.
  10. Then you’ll lose signal. The ultimate test.
  11. Everything will be fine once you get there, don’t panic.
  12. You’ll try to compose yourself, but neither of you will be able to help jumping on the bed like children, or checking out the mini bar before realising there’s a sensor. PUT IT BACK!
  13. Or, you’ll go through the owner’s possessions if you’re in an AirBnB.
  14. You will “stuff the taco” non-stop in the first 48 hours. Then you might get over it.
  15. You’ll take “just one more” photo at least sixteen times before someone cracks.

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