35 Things We’d Steal From Other Cities

By Ava Wardecki
8th Sep 2017

35 Things We'd Steal From Other Cities

We’re pretty darn lucky to live in a beaut of a city like Auckland. Right Aucklanders? Let’s be honest, we’ve been rather blessed by the city gods. Or rather spoiled rotten, tbh. Still, despite being constantly a stone’s throw away from gorgeous beaches, top-notch eateries, and dozens of little gems dotted here and there, us Aucklanders can’t help but wonder just how cool our little ol’ city would be with a few borrowed knick-knacks from around the world. 

You know, when you head into a store as a kid and make an imaginary list of all the things you want? Yeah well, that’s just what we’re gonna do. With things from all four corners of the globe. From utterly epic themed cafes, to the enviable transport and errthing in-between, here’s a few of the glorious things we sure as heck wouldn’t mind adding to the already awesome Auckland scene.

  1. We’d definitely steal all of Dubai’s glorious skyscrapers. Burj Khalifa, meet Skytower.
  2. Disneylands. All the Disneylands.
  3. As for our twin city over the ditch, we’d defs nick Vivid Sydney and give it a much-needed Auckland spin.
  4. Sydney, can we take your summer weather too? We’re getting a little sick of Xmas rain showers over here tbh.
  5. It goes without saying that we’d nab the Eiffel Tower. She’d make a great addition to the Auckland skyline.
  6. Also, while we’re at it, Paris, we’ll take all your amazing shopping and boutiques.
  7. In fact, we’ll grab your cheese and wine too.
  8. And aaaaall the croissants and pain-au-chocolats. It’d be rude not to.
  9. Without a doubt, we’d take your pumping nightlife, Berlin.
  10. As for you, Copenhagen. Your picture-perfect Nyhavn harbour would be the perfect addition to Auckland’s Waterfront.
  11. Also, Copenhagen, we’re stealing your cycle lanes. Lawd knows we need ‘em.
  12. Amsterdam, we’ll take all of yours too. We really need all the help we can get here. 
  13. While we’ve got you, Amsterdam. That avocado café of yours? It’s ours now.
  14. We reckon the Statue of Liberty would make a great kiwi gal—rocking jandals and stubbies, of course.
  15. And Times Square—because let’s face it, Aotea Square could use some blingy lights.
  16. Tokyo, we’d definitely, in a heartbeat, without a second thought, steal aaaaaall your cool themed eateries. Kawaii Monster Café, Vampire Café, Robot Restaurant—the whole lot are coming with us to Auckland!
  17. Speaking of cool cafes, we’ve got first dibs on Bangkok’s unicorn café too.
  18. Oh and let’s not forget Bangkok’s street food vendors. Who doesn’t love a cheap and cheerful bite?
  19. While we’re there, we may as well steal all of the tuk-tuks. Auckland transport issues = solved.
  20. Actually, on the topic of transport. London, we’re gonna steal the underground. Sure it’s cramped and smells like sick, but have you seen the Outerlink?
  21. Honestly, we’ll take any country’s metro as long as it’s on time. Plz halp.
  22. Oh and Big Ben, London Eye and all the red phone boxes would look super cute in Auckland—don’t ya think?
  23. We reckon Queen Street could use a bit of glittery fun now and then, so Rio de Janerio’s Carnival is coming with us!
  24. Without a doubt, we’d steal the world’s tallest ice-rink. Forget Moscow, we want 86th story, 354 metre-high (taller than the Skytower!) panoramic views of Auckland.
  25. New Orlean’s Bourbon Street. Because who doesn’t love a street named after booze?
  26. Venice’s gorgeous canals. Just to make the morning commute a little more exciting, y’know.
  27. Speaking of commutes, we’d grab San-Fran’s cable cars. We’ve already got the hills prepped and ready for ‘em.
  28. We’d also take Zao Fox Village off Japan’s hands and bring it straight to Auckland. That’s right, a literal village packed full of foxes.
  29. Stockholm, we’d steal your impossibly good-looking residents.
  30. Us Kiwis do love a good beer-fest, so Oktoberfest, say goodbye to Munich and guten-tag to Auckland!
  31. Tromsø and Rovaniemi, we’re gonna steal your northern lights. The different hemispheres ain't gonna stop us.
  32. Oh and Florence, we’d steal your beautiful renaissance gardens and artworks ASAP. And your Ponte Vecchio, because our Harbour Bridge definitely needs to be lined with shops.
  33. Pyramids. Auckland needs a pyramid or two. Thanks Cairo!
  34. We’ll also nab Harbin’s Ice Fest and all the massive ice palaces and sculptures lit up in all their glory and plonk 'em in Auckland.
  35. Mosquito Bay. Despite the name, we’ll take this bioluminescent, blue-glowing beach from Puerto Rico’s Vieques Island and give it a home in Auckland, stat.

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