35 Ways To Ditch The Stress This Week

By Ava Wardecki
9th Oct 2017

35 Ways To Ditch The Stress This Week

Adulting is tuff stuff. While the task comes with some perks (i.e. not needing a birthday as an excuse to eat cake), the adult life can be a rollercoaster of stresses at times. Bills, laundry and pantries that don’t automatically fill up every Friday—it can all get a bit much. We feel your pain. 

So, on days when your flatmate polished off the last of the leftovers that you were dreaming about all day, you accidently mixed in a red sock with your whites and you just feeling like screeeaaaming from the rooftops, don’t despair. We’ve got you. Take a deep breath in and read on for the best ways to pick your stressed-out self up.

1. Wear matching undies. Works a treat. 

2. An oldie but a goodie: scream into a pillow. 

3. Go to Kmart. Window shop. Make a mental list of errthing you want.

4. Give in and purchase said wish-list items. Lawd knows the flat needs it.

5. Have a bake-a-thon! Get out your apron and get mixing, whipping and beating your stress away.

6. Violently knead the dough if it’s been one of those days. 

7. Treat yo’self to a fresh spray tan. Say ta-ta to stress and tadaaa to your new golden god/dess self!

8. Give your room a much-needed spring clean.

9. Get distracted by all the cool stuff you find.

10. Hit the colouring books. Adult ones, kids’ ones—we won’t judge.

11. Snuggle up with your pet. Furry cuddles for the win!

12. No pets? Head to your local shelter and fall in love with all the floppy ears and fuzzy tails there.

13. Adopt a cat. Problem = solved. You’ll have cuddles for life.

14. Take a dip! Head to one of Auckland’s top-notch pools and make like a mermaid. We all know that mermaids don’t have stress in their lives. 

15. Dust off the yoga mat and stretch that stress right off your back.

16. Whip out your makeup kit or book in with a proffesh and treat yourself to a makeover! #TooGlamToGiveADamn.

17. Hit the sauna and sweat that stress right outta your system.

18. Fish out those knitting needles and learn the age-old art of the knit. Go on, make granny proud.

19. Knit a sweater for your cat. Endless giggles and “awwws” awaits.

20. Speaking of cats, cat videos. Need we say more?

21. Hit the clubs and cut some serious shapes on the d-floor. 

22. Too cool for evening partying? An early AM sweat sesh at a morning rave is for you!

23. Can’t decide between staying in and par-tay-ing? Lock yourself in your room, plug in your headphones, blast your fave tunes. Boom. You’ve got a dance party from the comfort of your own room.

24. Grab ya boots, go for a hike, be wowed by NZ’s beautiful tramping tracks and forget all your woes.

25. Do your nails. Everyone knows a killer mani is the only weapon you need to fight away the stress (and look fierce, obvs).

26. Hightail it to the archery range and get shooting (at the target, we mean).

27. Meditate! Plonk yourself somewhere comfy and visualise the stress leaving your body and floating off far, faaaar away. 

28. Hit Google maps, type in a city, choose street view and take yourself on a nice relaxing virtual stroll through a foreign city without forking out the $$ for flights. Genius.

29. Have a cosy night in: wine, a good book, fluffy socks and a block of choccy. What more can you want? 

30. Head to the boxing ring and take your frustrations out on the punching bag. It’s what it’s there for, after all.

31. Visit your trusty friend the hairdresser and get an extra long head massage—you won’t regret it.

32. Adopt a succulent. Plant and name your new prickly pal.

33. Go for a leisurely drive.

34. To the airport.

35. Hop on the next flight.


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