36 Thoughts We All Have During a NZ Spring

By Millie Lester
25th Sep 2017

36 Thoughts We All Have During a NZ Spring

We have finally been relinquished from winter’s long and crusty grasp, and the smell of fresh flowers fills the air as the spring months descend upon us in all its sinusy glory *takes a breath and chokes on an agapanthus*.

Here are 36 thoughts every New Zealander has during spring.

F*ck you pollen

  1. Gotta put together my Xmas list for Mum.
  2. Is it illegal to take flowers from other people’s gardens?
  3. Gotta remember to pack my puffer in case of #thunderstormasthma
  4. Should I shave my legs or nah?
  5. Time to switch to SPF15+ moisturiser.
  6. Can you OD on Telfast?
  7. Is it bad to take Telfast and Codral at the same time?
  8. Alfresco dining gives me life
  9. Can you buy dining table waterproofing at Bunnings?
  10. Do I pack my umbrella or play the risk card today?
  11. I wonder if my boss will let me work from home, from the park.
  12. I shouldn’t have thrown out all my holey tights.
  13. It is not warm enough for bare legs yet.
  14. Is it too early to slowly phase into a new foundation tone?
  15. Is a cheese board for dinner four nights in a row too many?
  16. Gotta remember to try my togs on tonight.
  17. Can I pass a fake tan off for a long afternoon in the backyard yet?
  18. When can I expect to shed my winter weight?
  19. Can the body still function without the sinuses?
  20. Spring, can you please do your magic and give me that sunkissed skin already?
  21. Can you get fined for driving while having a severe hay fever attack?
  22. Lunchtime breaks means hitting up that favourite cafe down the office.
  23. Evening walks are a yes? But that cheeky cold breeze can be a bit of a surprise.
  24. Am I obliged to do a spring clean or is that something you say you do but don't?
  25. Do I have to switch mashed potato for leafy greens now?
  26. If so, this is not the world I want to live in.
  27. Maccas Monopoly promotion is always a good time of the year.
  28. Should I buy a Laneways ticket or groceries?
  29. Was that sunshine? Can I wear shorts?
  30. It’s still definitely too cold to start running in the morning though.
  31. The sun's shining but it's windy af. Shorts or jeans?
  32. Is it true that all the dead plants in your house can revive themselves in spring?
  33. Is it possible to be allergic to tissues?
  34. Should I start exercising now for that summer bod or eat my cake? 
  35. When is it socially acceptable to wear jandals?
  36. Is it summer yet?

Image credit: Suhyeon Choi

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