36 Weird Food Habits That Are Perfectly Normal For Kiwis

By Ava Wardecki
4th Sep 2017

Every country has its fair share of quirks—that’s a given. But when it comes to Aotearoa, it’s safe to say that our little country has quite the number of peculiarities and oddities—especially where our food is concerned. Don’t get us wrong, we love—and we mean LOVE—the unique Kiwi kai scene, but we must admit some of our weird food habits that are normal for us, may be a little head-scratching for our overseas pals.

With seriously mouth-watering nosh hailing from our country such as Jelly Tip and the classic sausage sizzle, we’re well within our right to say that us Kiwis sure do hold our tucker close to our hearts.

We’re damn proud of our weirdly wonderful homegrown treats and quirky ways of enjoying them, so we've written a little list/love letter to the Kiwi way of eating.

  1. Indulging in meats and veg that were literally cooked underground is, hands down, the most delicious thing ever #HangisAreLife.
  2. Swinging by your local Chinese food takeaway, only to walk away with the least oriental food ever: fish and chips.
  3. Wrapped in nothing but newspaper, nonetheless. Not even flinching at the fact that they’re wrapping in last month’s print.
  4. Oh, and knife and fork? Ain’t no body got time for you guys. We’re all about picking away at chippies with our bare hands.
  5. Returning to the takeaway shop for a deep-fried Mars bar. Yes, they exist, and yes, they’ll put you into a food coma.
  6. Covering buttered white bread with sprinkles. Fairy bread is a non-negotiable party staple and is basically fundamental right in this country. Don’t you dare tell us it’s not proper food.
  7. Having dancing penguins try (and succeed) to persuade us to buy potato chips.
  8. Fearlessly ripping into a K Bar, totally unphased by the thought of chipping a tooth or two.
  9. Always being able to rely on your local petrol station or dairy to fix you up with a lukewarm pie—at literally any time of the day.
  10. Never, under no-circumstance, will us Kiwis forget to blow on the pie. True New Zealanders will have this mantra embedded into them.
  11. Occasionally sticking chips into said meat pie and dowsing it in aaaaall the meaty gravy deliciousness for optimum decadence.
  12. Whipping up mince on toast for a stress-free feed when you just can’t cbf with anything.
  13. Calling veggies by, let’s face it, WAY snazzier sounding names than our Anglo counterparts. Bell peppers and zucchini? No thanks, we’re all about courgettes and capsicums.
  14. Buying teeny tiny translucent fishies at the market for the cost of an arm and leg.
  15. Mixing these luxurious little wiggly critters with eggs and then frying them up to make whitebait fritters.
  16. Speaking of frying, three words: Deep. Fried. Bread.
  17. Ducking into literally ANY dairy and getting and curbing your sugar craving with a trusty $1 lolly bag.
  18. Not batting an eyelid at the frequent stinginess of said bags.
  19. Gloating about our national treasure, Pineapple Lumps (despite them tasting absolutely nothing like the fruit).
  20. Chucking these bad boys in the freezer and giving your jaw an intense workout while trying to chew them.
  21. Sliding a sneaky slice of tinned beetroot and a fried egg into our burgers because we’re oh-so original like that.
  22. Indulging in ice cream and ice blocks filled with actual jelly, bubble gum, and gummy lollies.
  23. Hightailing it to your local Bunnings Saturday sizzle so you don’t miss out on getting your paws on a $2 sausage. What a score!
  24. Calling these meaty treats every name under the sun: snarlers, saussies, snags—the list is never-ending!
  25. Going absolutely bonkers any time Whittaker’s, Lewis Road or our favourite bikkie brand blesses us with a new, limited edition treat.
  26. Declaring a national emergency when these products get scarce. 2014 Lewis Road flashbacks, anyone?
  27. Shamelessly sticking potato things into our sammies. Who can blame us? Hot chip butties and Marmite crisp sandwiches are theee beeest.
  28. Speaking of, Marmite is a cult-worthy food in itself among us Kiwis. Who would’ve thought that a freakishly jet-black yeast extract tasted so good?!
  29. Impressing your mates by whipping up a humble Kiwi dip. Proof that simple ingredients (a can of reduced cream and onion soup powder) are all you need to create a national foodie treasure.
  30. Claiming that chocolate-covered marshmallows taste x1000 times better when shaped like a fish. Who begs to differ? Go on, we dare ya.
  31. Making the ultimate comfort food by chucking tinned spaghetti on top of pizza—or toast. Sorry not sorry, Italians.
  32. Bracing ourselves for an influx of All Blacks-themed foods to hit the shelves whenever there’s a super duper important tournament on.
  33. Drinking tomato sauce by the gallon = totally cool with us Kiwis.
  34. Choosing a certain bottle of water, just because it had an All Black on it.
  35. Munching on a barbeque for Christmas lunch. ‘Tis the season to be indulging in pork chops, after all.
  36. Having a strange, meringue-ey, cloud-looking mess as our surprisingly delicious national dessert.

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Image Credit:  Fish Fish via Facebook 

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