42 Reasons Why Auckland Really Is (or Should Be) The Capital Of New Zealand

By Olivia Atkinson
1st Feb 2016

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Wellington, we love you. We love your little laneways, your buzzing café culture, your epic waterfront (on a good day) but when it comes down to it, we love Auckland more. 

And, since it’s Auckland Anniversary Weekend, what better way to express our adoration for this city of ours than by doing what we do best—lists. Auckland was once the capital of our wee country so in the spirit of celebration, we’ve compiled a list of why Auckland is (or should be) the capital of New Zealand.

  1. It’s the City of Sails, not the city of gale-force winds and upturned umbrellas—the two can’t compare. 
  2. Bigger is better (and if someone tells you differently, they’re lying). 
  3. We know how to impress our out-of-town mates
  4. We’ve got Waiheke.
  5. Auckland is a multi-cultural haven of food, dance, colours and art. 
  6. Because of this, there’s a smaller version of nearly every country in the world here. 
  7. There are beaches galore—black sand, white sand, quiet, busy—take your pick
  8. And we have access to some of the most beautiful waterfalls in New Zealand. 
  9. We’ve got an awesome fleet of food trucks rollin’ round the city. 
  10. Our thriving International airport means tourists prefer to explore our city first.  
  11. And we don’t have to have a vom bag on standby during landing. 
  12. The Prime Minister lives in Auckland. So did the last one. 
  13. Though he later apologised, it’s a sad but true fact the current PM stated that Wellington was a ‘dying city’
  14. We can actually enjoy (and workout) in the ocean, because our water isn’t arctic cold. 
  15. Auckland is super selfie-friendly
  16. We can grow and grow. Wellington is stuck between hills and ocean. 
  17. Our calendars are always full
  18. Auckland is pretty much the force behind the New Zealand economy. 
  19. We’ve got more weekend getaways at our fingertips. 
  20. Its landscape icon touches the sky, and also happens to be the tallest building in the country (and you can even eat ice cream at the top!) 
  21. We know how to nail romance
  22. … And how to break-up properly
  23. Even overseas newspapers think Auckland is the capital. 
  24. Yeah, we rock activewear. Because it’s a thing… 
  25. We’re called a Super City for a reason. 
  26. We know how to get our zen on
  27. Auckland has four seasons in one day, not one season all year. 
  28. We have cafes galore
  29. Our stadium is bigger and doesn’t resemble a cake tin. 
  30. We’re good at keeping secrets
  31. Lots of secrets
  32. Seriously. All the secrets
  33. We can enjoy our drinks rooftop (without the wind). 
  34. Nic Watt, Al Brown, Gareth Stewart, Ben Bayly, Sid Sahrawat… they all chose Auckland. 
  35. We’re all about treating ourselves
  36. Our city might get toasty, but we know exactly how to combat the heat
  37. We’ve got a dining district jam-packed with some of the best restaurants in the country. 
  38. There’s plenty to do in Auckland if you’re single as a pringle
  39. Or a bunch of great date night spots to woo someone at. 
  40. We know how to feed our students well, without making them break the bank. 
  41. Poutine is a thing here and we do it well. 
  42. A quarter of the population lives here. ‘Nuff said. 

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Image credit: Flickr

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