42 Thoughts We Had While Watching Married At First Sight Episode 9

By Urban List Writers
29th Oct 2017

42 Thoughts We Had While Watching Married At First Sight | Episode 9

Go ahead and admit it: you’re addicted to Married At First Sight… and so are we! Tonight things turned a lil Bachelor-esque with date cards, impending home visits and—of course—plenty of drama. Here’s what we all thought as we tuned in.

1. Hooray, Claire’s better!

2. After being cooped up in hospital, reality TV would be the last place you’d wanna be.

3. Uh oh, Dom has been treating the apartment as a bachelor pad.

4. How dare he leave the toaster out on the bench?!

5. There they are—Angel and Brett. The only success story from this series.

6. Two weeks and going strong.

7. Pani: “The couples will now have to master the rooting elements of day-to-day life.” Lol rooting. Root. 

8. Brett: “Your boobs are falling out.” He’s got her back… or should we say chest?

9. Vicky just wants some alone time at the gym. Fair.

10. Another day, another tiff between Andrew and Vicky.

11. This relationship is totally 80/20. Andrew being 80% into things. Vicky being 20% invested.

12. What’s this? Ben is actually open to more than friends with Aaron?!

13. What’s up with the constant reference to “six weeks”. Is marriage not forevs?

14. Claire’s away at a funeral? She keeps getting dealt the shittiest cards.

15. The 90s called. They want their phone back, Dom.

16. Omg he sent the bitchy text to Claire. You can blame the old-school phone for that.

17. Emergency counselling sessions seem to be a theme tonight.

18. “Well, Dom and I have decided to spilt.” JAW. DROP.

19. Tony: “Can you tell me about your type?” Claire: “Not him.” Ouch.

20. Cue montage of the happy times over the past fortnight—complete with piano ballad.

21. And just like that they’re done? Not more Claire and Dom? Ever? The heart breaks.

22. ... At least Claire got the shag she was after.

23. Only Angel and Brett could make testing blood sugars seem cute.

24. Yikes, Bel and Haydn have bust (yet) again.

25. A date card? Is this The Bachelor or Married At First Sight? It’s anyone’s guess.

26. They’re going cannoning… Fun!

27. Aaron is thriving out of his comfort zone. Look at those happy grins!

28. Of course Vicky is taking Andrew for a haircut.

29. You’re screwed if a haircut is the make or break of your relationship.

30. One hair cut later and Andrew’s tapping out.

31. All the best dates involve hot chips.

32. Bel and Haydn need to embrace some good ol’ fashioned communication. These games of “should I stay or go” are getting tedious.

33. Meanwhile Brett and Angel have couple hats. That is the epitome of marriage goals.

34. Everyone on this show keeps confiding in their gay best friends.

35. Aaron’s packing a suitcase… Are things over between them too?

36. Ben’s a party animal and gives nil f*cks about Aaron’s feelings.

37. Move over, camera person. Ben’s outta here.

38. It’s time for some compromise and communication, Ben.

39. Conflict aside, let’s take a moment to appreciated Ben’s Ariana jersey.

40. Ben: “Seriously, I had the best fucken night of my life last night and you’ve ruined it.” Salt in the wound.

41. Aaron: “No way in hell am I going to up my life for that.” Aaron has seen the light!

42. Where Lacey and Luke are these days?

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