43 Thoughts We All Had While Watching Married At First Sight Episode Ten

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30th Oct 2017

43 Thoughts We All Had While Watching Married At First Sight Episode Ten

Well, well. The dramarama of Married At First Sight continued last night with the shocking split of Dom and Claire (we still don’t know how we feel about this) and Aaron and Ben struggled to get on the same page. Again.

Naturally, tonight meant there was only one place to be—in front of our screens. And, here were 43 thoughts we all had while watching Married At First Sight episode nine.

  1. Holy guacamole we’re getting home visits! This is gonna be gooood.
  2. Pani says the home visits are really important. She says this about every phase.
  3. Aaron’s fashion is changing…did Ben take him shopping?
  4. Aaron: “We realised we deal with things in different ways.”
    married at first sight nz
  5. Ben: “I didn’t speak to him…and then he apologised to me and we moved forward from there.” Ummm…who to believe?! 
  6. Gotta say, these two are so cute having breakfast together.
  7. Vicky: “Is the bathroom clean?” Aaron: “It’s clean enough.” That bathroom ain’t clean.
  8. “Andrew don’t put your toothbrush with your shoes.” Vicky’s teaching him all the life skills.
  9. Bel and Haydn don’t have to do home visits! Let’s hope they do at a later date.
  10. “I haven’t met your father sober yet.” Haha Brett. Good luck to you! 
  11. Brett and Angel are talking serious about their future. Will they be the new Art and Matilda?
    married at first sight
  12. “Brett is more than a goldfish.” Yes. Yes, he is. 
  13. “Can we eat him?” Vicky…noooooo!
    married at first sight nz
  14. Vicky is being very open about this pig. 
  15. “Somebody hasn’t flushed.” Ewwwwww. This is not what Vicky’s used to. Nor us.
  16. Yes, Andrew. It’s quite the ‘situation.’
  17. Andrew can’t find the cleaning products. This is worrying.
  18. Angel is thinking of moving to Lincoln. Where is Lincoln?
    married at first sight nz
  19. We. Can't. Even. 
    married at first sight nz
  20. Vicky’s life has changed. In an instant.
  21. That necklace ain’t going down as it was intended.
    married at first sight
  22. You scrub up well, Benny Boy. 
  23. Ben is being so nice…he really does have a softer side.
    married at first sight nz
  24. Come on Angel’s family. This is a bit bloody much. 
  25. Notice they skipped the asset portfolio…at least for us watchers.
  26. Vicky escaped during the night! Was it the unflushed toilet? The pig eating the toothpaste or the pubic hair on the soap?!
  27.  “I can’t make assumptions when I don’t have the facts.” Andrew, she’s left behind her necklace AND her ring. You can assume away.
  28. Angel takes a selfie in every town. We might start doing the same.
    married at first sight nz
  29. Vicky woke up early because her sister needed her. WHY DID SHE LEAVE HER RING BEHIND? 
  30. Vicky plays all the games with Andrew’s heart.
    married at first sight nz
  31. And now the ring is back on her finger?? SO CONFUSED. 
  32. Woodpecker logo on his t-shirt. Woodpecker on the back of his truck. Woodpecker at his gate. Brett…we get it…
  33. This wrestling thing is a bit cray cray.
    married at first sight nz
  34. Bel’s face says it all. 
  35. Could Brett look any more like his mother??!
  36. The Auckland Pretty Committee? You mean there are two of them, Ben?
    married at first sight nz
  37. At least you had food and a table, Ben. This is like a trial.
  38. Bel and Haydn are moving back in together…for how long though?
  39. “Auckland cows are the country’s number one cows.” OMG Ben, where do you get these lines?
  40. And the cows have standards?! 
  41. Ben ain’t gonna change his mind, Aaron. Hate to break it to ya. 
    married at first sight
  42. Again. Where is Lincoln???!! 
  43. Next week Ben and Haydn are going head to head. We know where we’ll be!

Missed last night's episode? Here were out thoughts. 

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