45 Things That Are So Auckland It Hurts

By Marilynn McLachlan
25th Nov 2015

things to do in auckland, 45 things so auckland it hurts

Oh Auckland we so love you. We complain incessantly about house prices and public transport but we love your stunning views and awesome people.

And, because we love this city as much as our $5 soy lattes, we’ve come up with 45 things that are undeniably, completely and utterly Auckland. Here goes…

  1. Paying $350pw for a tiny room in central Auckland, because, FOMO.
  2. Asking someone where they went to school immediately after you meet and then asking if they know ABC or XYZ.
  3. Going to the races looking classy, coming home looking like you’ve been through an exorcism.
  4. Bought insanely expensive activewear, worn it as your weekend uniform, yet never broken a sweat.
  5. Accepted that cold food is the norm—getting that perfect Insta shot takes time, you know.
  6. Saturday night feed at Ponsonby Food Court.
  7. Losing your shit when an international chain announces their move to Auckland #TopShop! #Zara! #H&M!
  8. Fuming at the drivers who take the inside or outside lanes to avoid queues and then manage to get in at the last minute. Every. Single. Time.
  9. Leaving for London after Uni.
  10. Coming back when you’re ready to breed.
  11. Selfies with a Rangitoto back drop. Rangi-photo!
  12. Cross fit or yoga, but never both.
  13. Saving to buy a house…in Huntly or Rotorua.
  14. Complaining about Auckland’s public transport, or lack thereof.
  15. Giving up on the wait at Dear Jervois. Trying again the next week. Repeat.
  16. Hoping the Warriors will win. This will be the year!
  17. Hoping the Blues will win. This will be the year!
  18. Celebrating New Years in the Coromandel.
  19. Promising yourself that this is the year you’ll climb every volcano in Auckland.
  20. Trying every cocktail on the menu at Bedford Soda & Liquor because it’s too hard to choose just one.
  21. Not blinking twice when asked to pay an extra $6 to add a slice of bacon with your eggs.
  22. Wearing a Go Pro while riding your bike or running. Really?
  23. Speaking of riding your bike, it’s a mountain bike that’s yet to see dirt.
  24. Believing Drury is a full day-trip but Fiji is just for the weekend.
  25. Positioning yourself on the outside tables at SPQR to people-watch while pretending you don’t care.
  26. Scanning every bar you walk into to see how many of your Tinder fails you can see.
  27. Getting cold sweats when driving over the Harbour Bridge on a windy day.
  28. Getting annoyed at foreigners for thinking we’re part of Australia.
  29. Wanting to be treated as equals by Australians.
  30. Taking the term JAFA as a compliment.
  31. Nearly being taken out by an enthusiastic rollerblader at Mission Bay.
  32. Tagging your fav café/bar/restaurant on Insta in the hopes they’ll show you some love.
  33. Clean-eat all week then drink yourself under the table on Friday night.
  34. Doing your short shorts because the sun is out, only to get attacked by slanted rain and gale-force winds in the afternoon.
  35. Eating yourself into a dumpling coma at Barilla.
  36. Never knowing whether cars or pedestrians should give way on those random shared streets.
  37. Spending at least one morning helping to feed hungry kids at Eat My Lunch and posting your good deed on social media.
  38. Getting photographed by Norrie.
  39. Get surprised when tourists want to take pics of the sheep wandering around a city park.
  40. Fishing a bug out of your glass of white wine. Finishing wine.
  41. Forget six degrees of separation, it’s two.
  42. Not think twice about travelling an extra 20 minutes just to get your coffee from the barista who knows your name and your order.
  43. Calling the Shortland St actor you just met by their character’s name. They just love that.
  44. Waiting for your street to actually get Fibre. Seriously, hurry up already.
  45. Pretending that in November the ocean is actually warm enough for a swim. It’s a mind over matter thing.

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Image credit: Bedford Soda & Liquor

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