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45 Things That Are So Christchurch It Hurts

By Vanessa Ortynsky
10th Jun 2019

45 Things That Are So Christchurch It Hurts

We love you, Christchurch. We constantly complain about your lack of public transport while parked in a bike lane, but being so close to the Southern Alps and the beach has its perks. There’s nothing better than skiing in the morning and surfing in the afternoon,

And Cantabs are truly one of a kind, down to earth, hardworking and genuine with the best rugby team around. We love our city so much that we’ve rounded up 45 things that are just so Christchurch. Here they are...

  1. Meeting someone and immediately asking, “What school did you go to?”
  2. Three words: two dollar rice.
  3. You’re still perplexed by the Wizard despite having lived here your entire life.
  4. Choosing a café based on whether or not you can take your dog.
  5. Spending your Saturdays eating Posh Porridge at the Christchurch Farmers Market.
  6. Refusing to pay for parking in the central city because of all the empty lots.
  7. Taking every single out of town visitor on a day trip to the always quaint Akaroa.
  8. Developing a serious addiction to food trucks and pop-up bars.
  9. Refusing to invest in a proper winter coat because you’re from Canterbury and you’re tough.
  10. Walking up the Bridle Path for an after work glute workout.
  11. Smugly unsurprised that the Crusaders won yet again…
  12. Frantically searching for a Lime scooter to take you from work to after work drinks.
  13. Looking at house prices while simultaneously enjoying your avocado on toast.
  14. Buying tickets to every single concert at the newly restored Christchurch Town Hall.
  15. Getting excited every time a new café or restaurant opens in the CBD.
  16. Spending summer evenings outside at Pomeroy's enjoying a pint and a burger.
  17. Telling all your North Island friends about how amazing Bread & Circus was this year…
  18. Struggling to decide what to have for dinner and then ending up at Little High for sushi, dumplings, pizza, tacos, and burgers yet again.
  19. Bragging about having the best street performers in all of New Zealand.
  20. The immeasurable joy of living close to the Port Hills and the beach.
  21. Casually mentioning all the new bicycle lanes in every conversation you have.
  22. Celebrating New Years in Wanaka.
  23. Complaining about your 10-minute commute to work.
  24. Getting Dmitri’s Souvlaki for lunch yet again.
  25. Winter weekends spent skiing at Mt. Hutt.
  26. Eating Rollickin’ Gelato in the middle of the winter because it’s that good.
  27. Holding your breath while tourists walk into the middle of the road when taking photos of the Transitional Cathedral.
  28. Reminding anyone who will listen that New Regent Street is New Zealand’s most beautiful street.
  29. Spending every summer attempting to surf at Taylor’s Mistake.
  30. Cancelling your gym membership in favour of regular walks, runs and bike rides around Hagley Park.
  31. Catching sunrise on New Brighton’s pier still takes your breath away.
  32. Continuing to order the sliders and curly fries delivered through pneumatic tubes at C1 Espresso—even when you’ve had them a hundred times.
  33. After work rooftop drinks at Craft Embassy and Botanic.
  34. Dancing the night away to a new band every night at Fat Eddie’s.
  35. Finding yourself at OGB for their legendary negroni once again.
  36. Popping to The Crossing for a quick look and emerging five hours later with six shopping bags.
  37. Feeling emotional when walking past Flox’s “No place like home" iconic mural, which honours the tenacity and collaboration of the people of our beautiful city.
  38. Ending up at Christchurch Art Gallery’s After Dark party again this Friday.
  39. Spending rainy days amidst the rows upon rows of DVDs at Alice Cinema.
  40. Venturing to Lyttelton for a gig and boogie at Wunderbar.
  41. Growing tired of hearing your city and its residents referred to as “resilient”.
  42. Sampling every single G&T on the menu at Gin Gin because deciding on just one is way too difficult.
  43. Playing lawn bowls for your work’s Christmas ‘do for the third year in a row.
  44. Going punting along the Avon River by the gorgeous white and green Antigua Boat Sheds.
  45. Bumping into at least four people you know while out for drinks on The Terrace.

Image Credit: Christchurch NZ

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