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45 Things That Are So Wellington It Hurts

By Izzy Sellars
6th Jun 2019

For a good coffee, an abundance of hipsters, and wind that can sometimes literally blow you off your feet, Wellington is the place to be.

We love Welly, and to celebrate our capital city and all her quirks, we’ve put together a list of 45 things that are undeniably Wellington:

  1. Leaving the house in shorts and a t-shirt and regretting it two hours later when you’re facing gale force winds and torrential rain.
  2. The familiar sight of a broken umbrella shoved in a bin on a particularly wet and windy day.
  3. Tooting in the Mt Vic Tunnel.
  4. Hating your life when walking through the Mt Vic Tunnel while people are tooting.
  5. Spotting Winston Peters at the Green Parrot.
  6. Using “You can’t beat Welly on a good day”—both ironically and unironically.
  7. Complaining about the buses.
  8. Sitting back and watching debates take place on the Vic Deals Facebook page.
  9. Making the most of a tiny sliver of sand on Oriental Bay when the sun’s out.
  10. Dog spotting. Everywhere. Hipsters of Wellington love their trendy dogs.
  11. Wondering if every earthquake will be ‘the big one’.
  12. Being completely unphased by any earthquakes that are under a 4.5.
  13. Getting accidentally (or very intentionally) sloshed on 2-for-1 cocktails at Chow on a Saturday night.
  14. Expertly dodging cruise ship passengers on Lambton Quay during cruise ship season.
  15. Reminiscing on the days when Danger Danger was Electric Ave, The Fat Angel was Hope Bros and Boogie Wonderland still existed.
  16. Trying to eat as many burgers as humanly possible during Wellington on a Plate.
  17. Queuing for hours at the night noodle markets (very worth it).
  18. Spending more money buying second-hand clothes on Cuba Street than you would buying brand new ones.
  19. Celebrating the fact that KFC is now on Courtney Place. You can go from the bar, to the chicken, to bed. Ideal.
  20. Torrential rain all weekend then a perfectly sunny Monday. Standard.
  21. Walking up Mt Vic in your activewear.
  22. Driving up Mt Vic in your activewear.
  23. Knowing at least three people that work for the Government.
  24. Becoming an absolute expert at hill starts.
  25. Accepting the fact that you’ll probably be waiting half an hour for a table at brunch on a weekend.
  26. Paying a ridiculous amount for a ridiculously average flat.
  27. Power walking past the bucket fountain to avoid the splash.
  28. Having a giggle at v. serious businessmen riding push scooters down Lambton Quay.
  29. Becoming accustomed to those sometimes hairy landings at Wellington Airport.
  30. Half price sushi from Sushi Bi!
  31. The Te Papa earthquake house. Never gets old.
  32. Grabbing a slice of Tommy Millions on the way home from town.
  33. Missioning out to Petone for a Kmart visit.
  34. Seeing politicians at your local supermarket. They really are just like us.
  35. Belting out some Robbie Williams on karaoke at a Red Mount BYO.
  36. Moving out of Central Wellington to actually be able to afford a house.
  37. Having one too many wines at Toast and heavily regretting it at work the next day.
  38. Feeling veeeery strongly about the Hollywood inspired WELLINGTON sign.
  39. Only using a Blunt umbrella, knowing nothing else will do the job.
  40. Celebrating big time when a big international artist decides to do a show here and not just in Auckland.
  41. Feeling older and older every time a fresh batch of first-year uni students arrive at the start of the year.
  42. Jumping out of the way of tourists riding the crocodile bikes down Oriental Parade.
  43. Feeling kind of left out if you’re not into coffee or craft beer.
  44. Popping your sneakers on with your corporate wear for the walk to and from work.
  45. The feeling of absolute joy when you spot Mittens, Wellington’s most famous cat. We love you, Mittens!

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