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45 Thoughts We Had While Watching Tonight’s Episode Of First Dates

By Urban List Writers
19th Apr 2018

45 Thoughts We Had While Watching Tonight's Episode Of First Dates

After a month or two of no reality (sorry, non-scripted) television, we’re about to be hit with a whole lot more. Praise be! And so, during tonight’s episode of First Dates, we were perfectly happy to snuggle under a blanket, sip on a glass of wine and judge observe the poor suckers who put their hearts on the line on public television.

With plenty of lol, cringe-worthy and cute moments in this episode, it was everything we’d hoped for—and more.

Without further ado, here were 45 thoughts we had about watching the first episode of First Dates.

married at first sight new zealand

  1. ​Ummm…wtf are lick parties?! And wth is on her tongue?
  2.  “Love is like rain on your face on a hot spring’s day. Refreshing, surprising and sometimes uncomfortable.” Okayyyyy.
  3. “Hearty horseman?!” Bahahaha.
  4. We like what you did there, Callum. 
  5. Did he just do the splits?!
  6. Callum’s deep voice would do well on radio.
  7. Her dad is one of her best friends, he’s a mummy’s boy. This just gets better and better.
    married at first sight
  8. Oh Jimmy, we’re in love with you already.  
  9. Single all his life? Nawww.
  10. And he gets his pick-up lines from the internet. Could Jimmy be any cuter?
  11. Callum pulled out the chair. Daddy will be happy.
  12. Physically afraid of tomato sauce? Wth?
  13. We had to Google. It’s called mortuusequusphobia, and it’s a thing. Who knew?
    married at first sight new zealand
  14. Oh, Laura is cute as a button too. 
  15. ^^^“Oh you’re so cute…” Whoops, soz Laura.
  16. We heard that Laura.
  17. And Jimmy thinks you’re cute too. Maybe you need to accept it, Laura?
    married at first sight nz
  18. Is Laura Jacinda’s little sister? Like, actually? 
  19. “Stats…woooo!” At least she’s nice.
  20. Wait, what? PJ is back in NZ? But now she's Polly?
  21. PJ and Jimmy need to up their pick-up lines. Seriously.
  22. How many fires have you been putting out, Jayden? 
  23. “First impressions are very important, especially on the first date.” Ummm…as opposed to?
  24. “I don’t know how it happened, but it was pretty cool when it did, though.” Were you struck by song writing lightning, Natalie?
  25. Whaaat?? There’s ANOTHER couple tonight? How are we going to keep up?
  26. Sue is back?!
    married at first sight nz
  27. Looks like you’ve got your own private dancer Sue! 
  28. Baz and Sue are too cute. Cute is the word of the night.
  29. “I tried beer once and it didn’t end well.” Man…we wish we’d been there for that.
  30. Where’s your tissue PJ?!
    first dates new zealand
  31. Oh PJ. Not at the table! #manners 
  32. Poor Baz. 30 is far too young to lose a partner.
  33. Oh God. And a second wife after 19 years. That’s so awful.
  34. “I don’t have a filter.” Now there’s an understatement, PJ. But that’s why everyone loves ya!
  35. Oh, the good ole who’s going to pay the bill. What’s right? What’s wrong?
    first dates nz
  36. “You look like my brother.” Poor bloody Callum. 
  37. Callum just made like a slug and left. Is this a First Dates first??!
  38. PJ snort laughs too. We like that.
    first dates nz
  39. No words. 
  40. “I ate as much as you.” “And most of it came out of your nose.” Bahaha you’re funny, Jimmy.
    first dates nz
  41. PJ. You can't drop your snot-ridden tissues on the floor for someone else to pick up. Geddit?
  42. “Wow you’re so red.” No, Jimmy, nooooo!
  43. This one didn’t work out Jimmy, but you’re super awesome and there’s someone just for you!
  44. And it’s a yes for Baz and Sue!
  45. 50/50 ain’t bad!

We know where we'll be next week! 

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