5 Cafes And Restaurants To Visit This Weekend

By Courtney Nuyad
10th Jun 2017

Alas, the weekend is almost upon us! Get over those weekday blues and celebrate with some amazing food! Unsure of where to go? Don’t worry fellow Aucklanders, we at The Urban List have you covered so here are our recommendations of the five restaurants and cafes you should visit this weekend.

The Federal Delicatessen

Why buy a ticket to America when you can get the same diner experience here in Auckland? Escape the cold of the coming winter, follow the scent of roasted chicken and step into the Federal Delicatessen! Everything from the retro uniform of the wait staff to the old picture frames on the wall will have you feeling like you’re in a legit American diner. BUT WAIT! Did we forget the mention that the coffee is BOTTOMLESS?! As you down that last sip of Havana coffee, the bottom of their signature Fed Deli mug provokes you with the question, “MORE?” So grab a couple of friends and head into one of their booths as you share a few laughs over some poutine and banoffee pie!


A restaurant that supplies blankets for its diners is a restaurant we wanna be at! Under the fairy lights of Britomart sits Ortolana, a European bistro with an open kitchen. Ortolana serves up baked goods from The Store and dessert from Milse next door. Its current menu offers anything from pasta, to steak, to crayfish! With a full-day menu available, it’s safe to say Ortolana will be open and ready to welcome you at any time!

The Culpeper

When you’re dining solo, there’s never an issue deciding where to eat BUT the moment you’re with a group, that’s when the stress hits! What if we told you we had the answer to your dining complications? Nestled along Princes Wharf and overlooking the water, The Culpeper’s menu is all about sharing. They even allow the option of building your own shared board (but please don’t forget to add the curly fries)! With outdoor tables decked out with tile mosaic, you’ll soon find yourself with the perfect setup for an Instagram flatlay of that Peruvian roasted chicken!

Major Sprout

Vanilla lattes can be fun but every now and then, it’s nice to give something new a try so, we present to you, Major Sprout! With five colourful lattes on offer- including matcha, beetroot and turmeric- Major Sprout is one of those cafes you’ll learn to LOVE A LATTE! Its buttermilk pancakes topped with fairy floss will have your inner child screaming! If you prefer something more savoury, the bibimbap is always a crowd favourite! With gluten free, dairy free, and vegetarian options, Major Sprout will be giving you some major food satisfaction. 


Chinoiserie is one of those places you would find yourself  on s Friday night catching up with a few friends work while you snack on bao and crispy squid rings. The wait staff welcome you as if you were their friend and the colourful décor accompanied by a dragon painting on the wall gives Chinoiserie a casual vibe with its own unique charm. They even have a rack of kimonos available for their customers to wear if they get chilly sitting outside!

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