5 Cafes You Should Have Been To On The North Shore

By Tennille Ziegler
5th Aug 2016

5 Cafes You Should Have Been To On The North Shore

While the long debate over whether the Shore or city-side serves better food, today, we’re vouching for the shore. Takapuna is the new precinct for food, shopping and working-out, but The Shore is more than just Taka. Giving The Shore some love, here are five of the best cafes to visit on the good ol' North Shore. 

Sip Kitchen

Mairangi Bay

A North Shore favourite, located just off Constellation Drive in Mairangi Bay, resides Sip Kitchen and is The Shore’s answer to health. We love this family-run business and its focus on wholefoods. It has a range of delicious breakfast options and mouth-wateringly good raw treats in the cabinet. Come in on an empty stomach as it’ll be too difficult to choose just one item. 

Balance Kitchen


This is another North Shore café that those wanting a guilt-free breakfast should have been to. The team behind Balance Kitchen opened this café to share their personal passion for health and wellness. Our favourite thing is their ‘build your own’ menu—finally you won’t have to feel guilty about all those annoying dietary restrictions you have. 

Cafe Mimosa


Ok, so you can probably tell by now that we’re fans of healthy breakfasts—it sets you up for your day, so why not make sure it’s full of nutrients, right? Vegetarians (and vegans!) on 'The Shore, a North Shore café you hands-down should have all been to is none other than  Café Mimosa! Located in Takapuna, they have a full vegetarian menu with many vegan options. It’s Japanese-inspired and they source mainly organic and gluten-free ingredients. What’s not to love? 

Blind Basket


Another hotspot in the North Shore's Takapuna is Blind Basket. Another Japanese-inspired menu has us yearning for some Asian infusion. For the fitness enthusiasts they have a fitness bowl. Think avocado, haloumi, eggs, sprouts, beet-carrot salad and spinach #healthiswealth.



Located near Takapuna beach, Zomer is a superb café thats a winner for the North Shore locals with its relaxed beachy vibes. The atmosphere at this café is one thing, but the food is another. The simple menu including standard pancakes and eggs on toast has exquisite flavours that seem simple yet work perfectly with each other. When you make the visit, be sure to try the seeded toast and date chutney!

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Image credit: Blind Basket via Facebook

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