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5 Getaways For Less Than $500

By Ben Tunui
1st Sep 2017

Sometimes life really can get you down and no matter how hard you try, you just can’t seem to crack the ultimate getaway that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. New Zealand is filled to the brim with numerous places to treat your family, your bae or simply just to treat yourself. Why spend thousands on flights to the Islands, when you can revel in the sweet surroundings that our beaut of a country has to offer?

Well, today you’re in luck because we’ve rounded up five getaways in NZ for less than $500––you can thank us later. Get booking, you don’t want to miss out on these sweet deals.


We here at TUL really do mean it when we say this is the place for ultimate rest and relaxation weekends. Cosy up with bae on this getaway, as you’re about to receive the ultimate pamper pack for less than $300! Whether you choose the B&B couples package, or simply choose to vacay by yourself, you’ll be left in awe by Castaways. Treat yourself to yoga-filled mornings, copious flat whites, or even a sleep in–, because you know what? This is your weekend and you’re fully deserving of those two hours in bed. And maybe, end the day with a massage––after all, you’ve saved a heck load on this holiday.


There’s no denying that Matakana is the place to be well, every weekend. And, what makes it even more enticing, is that it is totally doable for less than $500––groundbreaking! Treat yourself to luxury accommodation in this heaven away from home, start your day with a morning stroll through the markets, followed by a little rest and relaxation at the local movie theatre. Start your night off early with a vino and eat to your heart’s content at the Matakana Kitchen. If this hasn’t won you over, we don’t know what will––ticks all of our getaways boxes for sure. Check out Riverside Matakana for absolute luxury.

Lake Karapiro          

You cannot beat Lake Karapiro on a great day––the sun is shining, there’s a slight breeze to accompany the heat, everyone’s out and the lake has put on a definite show for you! And again, total bonus that you can spend the weekend here for a small price of $300. Not only are you close to Hamilton if you’re wanting a little more city kind of lifestyle, but this is definitely the place to go to if you’re wanting that hideaway from the hustle and bustle of the city. Book your accommodation and prepare yourself for ultimate relaxation. Karapiro Lodge has you got covered this time round!

Waiheke Island

Whether you were born and raised in the City of Sails, or have migrated from somewhere else in this country of ours, there’s no denying that Waiheke can definitely tick off most of our getaway boxes. For a small price of just $36 you can get a return ferry ticket to the island, which leaves plenty of money for luxury accommodation, and a few glasses of Pinot––an ideal package in our opinion! Book yourself a wine tour or simply commit to an evening in. You’ll feel as though you’ve slipped into a little slice of heaven. Missing the city sights? Simply get on the ferry and head ashore, but we can guarantee that will not happen.

Waihi Beach

This is the perfect location for that roadie with either your best friends or that special someone. With beautiful beaches on offer, accompanied by cosy cafes, Waihi Beach is the ultimate getaway––you’ll be thinking you’ve stepped in a different country. And bonus––this is a definite trip at the low cost of under $500. Waihi Beach Lodge is definitely the place to be.

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