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5 Places To Get Your Late-Night Coffee Fix

By Verity Johnson
5th Apr 2017

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Night owl? Caffeine addict? Just someone who can drink a coffee at 7pm and not lie awake all night counting Blu-tack marks on the wall? We get you. We are you. We’ve all had a time when we have a next day deadline necessitating an all-nighter and caffeine on tap. And, at those times, you look around the city for a late night coffee shop. Unfortunately, most places close at 3pm, but Auckland understands that when you need a hit you need a hit. So here are five of the best late-night coffee shops…for those of us who don’t plan on sleeping tonight.

1. Mezze Bar

Open until 11.30pm, Friday and Saturday

There’s a reason this place has been around forever. One, even hardened vegans will leave the place smothered in Mezze’s famous buttermilk chocolate cake. Two, this is one of the only places in the city that consistently masters the ever elusive cappuccino. (Foam. Foam. Foam.) The Spanish style, honey-wood interior and dim lights make it a succulent, late night pocket of European chic in the neon canyon of Queens St.

2. The Fed Deli

Open until 1am Friday and Saturday   

The Fed’s trademark American filter coffee is served hot, bottomless and all through the night until 1am on a Friday and Saturday. It is a relaxed spot, thick with escapism taking you away from even the most horrible day/workmate/ever persistent ex. Want to feel like an artsy, New York writer on a long, New York night? Then park yourself at the counter, order the pumpkin pie, and drink cups of caw-fee until the next Great American novel appears.

3. Ortolana

 Open until 11pm every day  

A snuggly spot for an evening coffee is outside Ortolana in Britomart’s pavilions. Their classy, glassy outdoor area comes with blankets and heaters for a late-night latte under the stars. The place oozes big city sophistication but has excellent wait staff who make sure you’re at ease. They also understand that one of the measures of a good place is how diligently they fill up your water, keeping you simultaneously hydrated and caffeinated.

4. Milse

Open until 10pm every day

You will never end your night with a better Affogato. That timeless espresso and ice-cream indulgence is housed beneath the honeycomb walls of dessert bar, Milse. Their coffee selection compliments their rich, luxuriant vibes—think killer iced mochas, the famous affogatos or, for those not wanting to stay up all night, the signature house hot chocolates. Yes, it’s tiny and you might have to wait, but its sweet, intimate charm makes it a perfect end to a late date.

5. Il Buco

Open until 9pm every day

The hole-in-the-wall, unpretentious Il Buco is perhaps the most essential two-metres of frontage on the Ponsonby Road strip. It specialises in life necessities: coffee and pizza. The coffee is strong and Italian, the pizza crispy and made exactly for that late-night-melted-cheese-shaped spot. Sit outside with your macchiato and your melted cheese and watch the bright lights of the Ponsonby night pass you by. 

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