50 Selfies Every Aucklander Should Have Taken

By Natasha Van Der Laan
11th Jan 2016

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If there’s one thing Aucklanders just love, it’s taking selfies...because if you didn’t take a pic then it didn’t happen, amiright?

To help you conquer Auckland’s selfie scene, we've come up with a list of 50 selfies that everyone who calls themself a local should have taken—go forth and snap!

1. First things first, you’re gonna have to pose with ye ol’ faithful Sky Tower. Any angle is fine. It doesn’t have a “best side”.

2. Take your selfie game to even greater heights (literally) and snap a photo on the Sky Tower’s glass floor.

3. Document your hot dog legs from Takapuna Beach.

4. Your Les Mills workout doesn’t count unless you take a selfie.

5. Get a photo with an All Black while you’re at it.

6. Your post-workout green smoothie also needs to be snapped.

7. Take a shot with Doctor Chris Warner.

8. Or anyone from Shortland Street, for that matter.

9. You don’t have to venture far for a good selfie. Take a shot of you binge-watching Netflix in your jim jams. 

10. BYO antics should be Snapchatted.

11. You need a photo on a boat. Any boat will do.

12. It’s a given you’ve posed with the Auckland Harbour Bridge. Pro tip: Snap your photo from Northcote Point’s wharf to get the best angle.

13. Alternatively, run the Auckland Marathon to get a shot on the bridge.

14. Stumble across (read: stalk) Art Green for a photo.

15. Double points if Matilda features. 

16. The ice-cream creations at Giapo deserve a photo.

17. Pose with your #flawless squad at the Boxing Day Races.

18. You + your Burger Burger meal = power couple. Gram that.

19. Get a pic of a butterfly on your head at Butterfly Creek.

20. Oh, and their bunnies are also Instagram-worthy.

21. Pull your best blue steel pose with Colin Mathura-Jeffree.

22. Take a selfie on the slopes of Mount Eden.

23. Or One Tree Hill.

24. Or any of Auckland’s other 51 volcanoes.

25. Sunday brunch in your activewear needs to be shared.

26. Take a snap stuck in Auckland traffic. Get your co-driver to take this one #safetyfirst.

27. The sharks are Kelly Tarlton’s are very photogenic. 

28. 3am selfies at The White Lady are always a good idea.

29. Mission Bay missions should be photographed.

30. Brows on fleek? Snap that.

31. Got your hair did? Snap that too.

32. You need evidence of you eating something weird and wonderful at the Auckland Night Markets.

33. John Key is always down for a selfie.

34. As is your Uber driver.

35. Show your Auckland pride by supporting The Blues at Eden Park.

36. The Warriors could do with your support at Mount Smart Stadium.

37. Channel your inner fan girl at Vector Arena. 

38. Show Facebook how cute you and bae are with a photo from Silo Cinema.

39. Wining and dining on Waiheke needs to be thoroughly documented.

40. Off to the Auckland Zoo? Pack your selfie stick.

41. The same goes for Rainbow’s End.

42. Get a photo with Mike McRoberts and/or Hilary Barry.

43. The best nights involve a selfie at Family Bar.

44. Piha’s Kitekite Falls are not only majestic but also very photo-worthy.

45. You really should take a group selfie with your Laneway crew.

46. Everyone loves a post-CrossFit photo.

47. A selfie in your Auckland Nines get-up is profile pic material.

48. The doughnuts at Al’s Deli should be Instagrammed.  

49. Indoor trampoline parks are twice the fun when a Go Pro is involved.

50. Rangitoto. ’Nuff said.

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Image credit: Art Green and Matilda Rice via Facebook


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