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50 Things We Love About Christmas Time in Auckland

By Natasha Van Der Laan
18th Dec 2015

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Auckland is in full-blown Christmas mode and we couldn’t be any happier. We’re suckers for all things Christmas (including the CBD’s creepy Santa) so we’ve put together a list of the top 50 things we love about Christmas time in Auckland.

1. Santa creeping on the corner of Victoria Street.

2. Discovering mince pies taste better the older you get.

3. ’Tis the season for your annual viewing of Love Actually.

4. Fearlessly breaking into your savings so you can afford cherries at $22 per kilogram. 

5. No work (soon!).

6. Deciding against going to Christmas in the Park because you know better than to mess with Auckland traffic.

7. Getting fomo for not going to Christmas in the Park and watching the broadcast from the comfort of your couch – from start to finish.

8. When the Christmas Cookie Time girl shows up.

9. Champagne season.

10. No matter where you are, there’s always a box of Favourites/Roses/Lindor in the immediate vicinity.

11. Scoffing you way through said Favourites/Roses/Lindor.

12. Walking hand in hand with bae and admiring Franklin Road’s Christmas lights.

13. Shamelessly listening to Michael Bublé on Spotify without changing your settings to private.

14. Mum’s trifle. 

15. Smith & Caughey’s magical window display.

16. Drinking at breakfast is not only acceptable, but actively encouraged.

17. Getting a park at St Luke’s. 

18. Going “gift shopping”, then buying a new wardrobe for yourself.

19. Blurring the lines between work and play at your office Christmas party. 

20. The smell of fresh pine needles.

21. Witnessing cars with Christmas trees tied to their roofs as you drive down Balmoral Road. 

22. Buying the man in your life socks.

23. Discovering there are actually some pretty cool socks on the market nowadays.

24. Pohutukawa trees are in season and that means one thing: summer is here!

25. Nailing your Secret Santa present.

26. Questioning whether your Secret Santa really knows you at all.

27. Wondering if the Scorched Almond ad will screen for another year.

28. NZ Post getting your online shopping to you in time.

29. Buying your barista/hairdresser/PT/similar peanut brittle.

30. Christmas breakfasts, lunches and dinners.

31. Saying no to free gift-wrapping because you’ve got a strong wrapping game.

32. Judging other people’s wrapping.

33. Faded decorations along Broadway.

34. Receiving a physical Christmas card in the post. 

35. Clients giving you baked goods for no apparent reason.

36. Baked goods!

37. Getting jealous of your London friends’ white Christmas photos on Facebook but then realising summer trumps winter. Always.

38. Buying a fresh pair of Nikes to wear on Christmas Day.

39. The red and green lights of the Sky Tower.

40. When your pavlova rises perfectly.

41. Beating your flatmates to the daily advent calendar chocolate.

42. The beach. Nuff said.

43. Not being mad about sleeping in a single bed at your rents’ house because you know Santa will visit overnight. 

44. Gingerbread lattes from Starbucks.

45. Wearing paper hats from Christmas crackers.

46. Using rainy December weather as a legitimate excuse to wear your ugly Christmas sweater.

47. Catching up with old friends.

48. Getting a red manicure.

49. Dressing your pet as Santa Paws.

50. The endless possibilities for the New Year.

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