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6 Binge-Worthy Shows Hitting NZ Screens This Week

By Georgia Summerton
7th May 2019

The 6 Best Things To Watch This Week

The new release shows just keep on coming and we have you covered by finding the very best out there that are worthy of binge-watching all night. Rug up and settle in because there is a stellar line-up this week, whatever your preferred genre there is something for everyone. 

Here are the best things to watch this week and where to find them. 

A.P Bio

TVNZ On Demand

Jack Griffin is a Harvard philosophy professor who when failing to land his dream job, reluctantly becomes a high school Advanced Placement Biology teacher. Deciding he will not be teaching one bit of biology, he takes advantage of the room full of honour roll students at his disposal. Jack recruits the class to help him win back the position that was rightfully his and gets revenge on his job-stealing nemesis. Catch season two now, just landed on TVNZ On Demand. 

Hang Ups

TVNZ On Demand

Richard Pitt is a failed therapist trying to relaunch his career online after his practice went under. Contending with his own personal demons, difficult teenage children, unconventional parents and unhelpful best friend, his own life is not much more together than his new clients. The awkward and cynical humour of the emotional clutter of it all makes Hang-Ups a somewhat relatable and extremely hilarious watch. 



Peak-hour traffic is a mundane and boring time in most peoples lives, but for a group of folks from Sydney’s Western Suburbs, their commutes to and from work are anything but. Laugh yourself silly watching these consumer goods dispatch centre employees squint into the sun on their daily trips as they catch up on their lives and deal with the dramas that intertwine them all. 

The Halcyon


Eight-part drama series The Halcyon is set in 1940s London during World War II, a time of distress and uncertainty for the city. The glamorous five-star hotel is the epicentre of a changing city and for the staff, guests and owners, and no moment is predictable. London life in this intense time is portrayed through relationships, politics and families as the war attempts to break traditions and people. 



Season three of the 18th-century drama Harlots is here with all of the same juiciness as before, this time introducing the Pincher brothers, the newest and nastiest pimps in town. Margaret Wells, a brothel owner is in a war with Lydia Quigley, her biggest rival. With her everything at stake, Margaret fights back to protect her precious business even if it puts everything else at risk.

Family Reunion


When the McKellan family moves from Seattle to small-town Georgia, life down South and closer to the extended family is more challenging than they could have known. From three-hour church services to judgemental views, their traditional grandparents don’t make the transition easy. Family Reunion is a true sitcom style show and will have you laughing at the all too real family moments. 

Taco Chronicles


Make sure you have some snacks on hand for this one because we guarantee you will be hungry watching it. Netflix has delivered yet another mouth-watering food series, this time all about Tacos. The Taco Chronicles dives into the Mexican world of the taco and the history of how they came about. There are many different taco styles with rich histories and this epic food adventure will take you on a journey to explore them all. 

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